Monday, April 28, 2008

Do Bad Things For Sweet Ch33v0z

You know you have a problem when you are willing to go out and rent Avatar for 1000 gamerscore points. However, there can be some justification with that game. It takes all of 2 minutes to get a 1000 points richer. However, when you put enough hours into a game to get gamer's thumb, and you aren't enjoying it... you have a big problem.

That was the case with my 6 hour Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles extravaganza that I had this weekend. This entire blog is devoted to that ch33vtastic game. I've got to say that excluding Avatar, TMNT has some of the dirtiest and easiest ch33v0z you can get. This game boasts 23 ch33v0z and only 2 are somewhat of a challenge (but that's attributed to a misleading cheev description and a coded boss battle).

Since most of the games ch33v0z will unlock through beating levels, there are only a few that require explanation.

Get your first coin-Get your first coin-15 This ch33v0 has the most retarded and vague description. In normal gameplay, there are coins... EVERYWHERE. You would assume that picking up the first "coin" would net you this ch33v, and you would be wrong. Technically, it's the first "shell" that you collect that will unlock this ch33v0. Just replay any mission in "challenge" mode after you've beat the level in "story" mode and you'll be able to unlock it fairly quickly. The first mission is the best one.

Used Raphs special move-Used Raphs special move-30G This one isn't hard to get, it's just that you'll unlock the 3 other special moves in the first few missions, leaving you wondering why this one hasn't unlocked. You won't unlock the cheevo until the 10th mission or so, when you are playing Raphael's (playing as the Nightwatcher doesn't count)first solo mission.

Clean Sweep-Complete a level without taking damage-50G This will probably get unlocked without trying, I didn't even know it was a ch33v0 until I saw it pop up. First mission is SUPER easy and you'll probably get it anyway. Just don't take any damage during the fights.

Winter's Secret-Complete Level 16-80G While being the longest and probably most difficult level, it's still not that hard. What is hard, is the final boss in the game. Each sub boss is not that hard to beat, and it takes only button mashing. The final boss, can't be defeated with normal attacks. He can only be defeated with "tag team" attacks, and in a specific order. Without a walkthrough, it would take some time to figure this out on your own. With the help of a walkthrough, you can do it with your eyes closed.

Overall, it's not really a good game. I would recommend getting a small child to play through it for you, but that would be wrong wouldn't it? Anyway, if you have a disgusting ch33v0 fetish, you'll be willing to put the 5-6 hours in on this game and walk away with your 1000 points. If you can, borrow, rent or steal this game... do not buy it(unless you can return it or the price is less than a rental). It's bad times, but the ch33v0z feel soooo good.


Dany said...

Well being that I was ur loaner pimp on this whore of a game, I'm sorry u didnt enjoy it. It's not intended to be HALO or COD, but I guess I can't really see how this game could have been made any differently. Not the worst game to exist, but it really has ZERO replay value. Glad the cheevs weren't that hard for u to get...

I COULD NOT sit thru the whole game in one sitting. It just didnt hold enough interest for me, as much of a fan I was of the show as a kid... the game gets boring and repetitive, maybe that's why in my mind (at one point) I thought it kinda got better as the game progressed... but that's cuz I took a break for a few days b4 finishing the game.

Anyway... I wouldnt put it on the level of AVATAR lameness. I think any slightest fan of the Ninja Turtles would probably have enough interest to finish this game thru... its nothing impressive, but the progressive increase cheevs per level are a good incentive to just get it done, son!

p.s. I never got the button masher syndrome (BMS) from playing this game, but I didnt play it for 6 hours straight-thru either. Hope it was worth it ;)


To say that I didn't enjoy it wouldn't be accurate. I ENJOY getting ch33v0z. So I really enjoyed this part of the game... However, the game mechanics were a little repetitive. I will say that the "wall running" feature and the Ninja Gaiden like controls were nice, not enough to save the entire game, but fun nonetheless.

Avatar is actually not that bad of a game, if you are trying to play it through. Although it's more of a kids game. It's just that time invested, and the payoff are very good. TMNT requires much more time, with the same payoff... so with regards to sweet cheevz, that's why Avatar rates higher.

Being a long time fan of the TMNT is one thing, but I think because this is a new story it really doesn't engage a long time fan. I think more of a tribute would have been better. I mean, you get to fight Shredder in a flashback scene that lasted all of 10 seconds! Where the hell were Bebop and Rocksteady? No Krang? I think if this game had stuck to the old school stories, it would have been something an OG fan would have appreciated.

All and all, it's not a great game... but the ch33v0z are great. Oh, it was TOTALLY worth it.

P.S. How many times can you listen to Michaelangelo say "tubular" or "awesome" in a row? He says it like every 3 seconds. WTF?

Dany said...

hahaha, touche! The lame character talk feedback was a horrible thing they added to the game, didn't need that at all.

However, actually I think the game was developed in relation to the TNMT movie that was released a few years ago... right? I never saw that, but I'm assuming the plot line has something to do with the failed success at the box office and the cheap marketing tools of making a bad game based on a movie... yet again.

I was more willing to play the game over seeing the movie... because it had cheevos that go along with learning the plot-line and gameplay. I dont know if the movie is as bad as the game tho... I'm worried that if i watch it, it might taint my fondness of the old school ninja turtles that I loved as a kid. In a game its different tho, its more like a tribute. So its ok if it doesnt impress.

I admit, the initial driving force to play this game was to release those cheevo-gasms, but I still enjoyed playing 'most' of the game just for the sake of playing it. Don't even get me started on Avatar. That cheap whore puts out the second you put it in... I think it looses all its charm when it gives it up so easy. I dont know, I'm almost ashamed to say that I've been there and done that, but the gamerscore profit was worth it I guess.

I guess we're all proned to doing a few bad things here and there when it comes to getting a fix of releasing some cheevs into our system.

ghett0yeti said...

You know, I was going to play this game. But the lack of classic characters leaves me with a sour taste in my mouth. Does the Rat King make an appearance? What about Mousers? Or motherfucking Casey Jones?

On second thought...fuck this game. What the hell has been going on for the past 10 years while I've been slowly poisoning myself with sweet, sweet liquor?


Mousers!!! Shit, I forgot about them! Those little guys were awesome! Alas, there are no classic characters. You fight The Shredder in a flashback scene, and the foot soldiers are there. They do mention Casey Jones' name once in the game, but he's not in the game. A REAL tribute would have been to have a throw back game with all the classics.

Can you deny the ch33v0z?