Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I <3 Ch33v0z, And Let Me Tell You Why

I've had some great times playing video games, but some of the best times have been unlocking sweet ch33v0z. While I can't list every single one, I have compiled a short list of some of my sweetest ch33v0z.

GEARS OF WAR-Commando: Complete all acts on Insane Difficulty-30g
  • This was one of the first games that I endeavoured to beat on the hardest difficulty. I had a really enjoyable experience with this game, and the added difficulty made for a good challenge. I also completed this solo, and that was another feather in my cap.
BIOSHOCK- Seriously Good At This: The player has completed the game on the hardest difficulty setting- 40g

Little Sister Savior: The player has completed the game without harvesting any Little Sisters- 100g
  • These two ch33v0z are also among the few that I prize. The ch33v0 for the hardest difficulty was daunting, but I also chose to save the little sisters... which made the game even more trying. Add in the emotional ending for playing the game in such a way and both of these ch33v0z are very memorable.
EA SPORTS FIGHT NIGHT 3- 8 Ch33v0z: (All of them!) -1000g
  • Every single one of these ch33vz are great! Although there isn't any one that specifically notable, they were relatively easy to get and the game was top notch. This was also the first game that I ever got 1000 gamerscore on, and that's why it holds a special place in my heart.
CALL OF DUTY 4- No Rest for the Weary: Stab an injured crawling enemy-10G
  • This one, is memorable for no other reason than it's cruelty. It's just cruel, mean, and downright fun!!!
CRACKDOWN -Free Runner: Collect 500 Agility Orbs-50G
  • This ch33v0 was a labor of love... and hatred. If you've collected all the orbs, or tried to collect them all, you know what kind of task lies ahead. While just about every ch33v0 in the list for Crackdown was fun to get, this one was a tedious, soul breaking, mind numbing experience. Once that last orb was found, and my ch33v0 popped up, the feeling of elation was grand indeed. One of my sweetest ch33v0z.
HALO 3 - Mongoose Mowdown: Splattered an enemy with the mongoose in a ranked free for all playlist-5G
  • Oh Halo, such bittersweet ch33v0z. I hate you, and I love you... This achievement was special for many reasons. The most important reason? It was the last ch33v0 that I needed to hit 1000 gamerscore and complete the game. Since it was the last ch33v, it was also the most impossible one to obtain. Oh, by the way... 5 points? You bastards.
So there you have it, some of my most prized and sweetest ch33v0s. Of course, these may be run of the mill or mediocre ch33vz to some, but they hold some of my fondest memories. What ch33v0z do you treasure most?


Rian said...

I want to be in you.


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