Friday, January 30, 2009

This Week In Ch33v0z, The Brothers In Arms: Far Cry 2 Edition

So another week has passed us by. Honestly, I haven't been gaming all that much this week. I got my sweet cheevos over last weekend and I've been coasting off that high all week. I was able to get back to Far Cry, and finish up the cheev-fountain that is Brother In Arms: HH. So, get ready for the flow of ch33vz... let them rain down upon your face. That's right, take it all... bitch.

Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway

Focused-Played the game on seven different days-25G

Abandon All Hope-Completed Chapter Ten: "Tooth and Nail"-150G

Situation FUBAR-Completed Chapter Nine: "Hell's Highway"-50G

Weather the Storm-Completed Chapter Eight : "Black Friday"-45G

Tons of Fun-Killed 5 enemies with the hull of a tank-10G

Action Camera Hero-Triggered 25 Action Camera moments-40G

Anti-Tank-Destroyed an enemy tank-10G

Recon Bronze-Found six Recon Points-15G

Through the Looking Glass-Completed Chapter Seven : "The Rabbit Hole"-40G

Hellfire-Completed Chapter Six : "Baptism of Fire"-35G

Calling in the Cavalry-Completed Chapter Five : "Operation Garden"-30G

The Kloosterdreef Incident-Completed Chapter Four : "Written in Stone"-25G

Action Camera Veteran-Triggered 10 Action Camera moments-20G

Objective SNAFU-Completed Chapter Three : "The Five Oh Sink"-20G

Bunker Buster-Destroyed a sandbag emplacement with a bazooka team-10G

So I managed to buckle down and finish off Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway over the weekend. It's a mediocre game at best. The story is confusing, and the gameplay is a tad repetitive. Also, babysitting your stupid AI gets to be tedious and time consuming. However, when I look back at the experience it was relatively enjoyable. The best part of it all? The cheevz flowed like wine! This game is CHEEVTASTIC! So here is the breakdown:

Focused isn't a hard one to get, but it requires that you play the game for 7 days in a row. Who the fuck wants to do that? There is a site that explains a clever way for you to get this cheevo, with a couple of presses of a button. Click here to check it out.

Anti-Tank and Tons Of Fun aren't hard to get, but they are secret cheevz. Have at it.

Far Cry 2

Dawa ya moto ni moto-Broke the ceasefire and reignited the conflict-20G

I'm so sick of this game. I just want it to be over. I don't think I'm going to keep it for much longer. I'm actually getting angry just thinking about it.

So that's it! I'm getting a new game from Gamefly, which as of press time is: UNKNOWN. Hopefully I'll see some Prince of Persia or Tombraider. Tune in next week, same cheev-time, same cheev-channel! POW! BANG! ZIP!

Friday, January 23, 2009

This Week In Ch33v0z, The Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway Edition

Another week has passed, with that new week brings new cheevoz. For most of the week I played Call of Duty: World at War Multiplayer... which netted me ZERO ch33v0z. I almost considered making this post about how I didn't get one damn cheevo. However, I decided to put a little time in Brothers In Arms: Hells Highway (since it's been sitting on my shelf for over a week). This game... well... let's just say the cheevos flow pretty well. That's all I have for positive comments on the game. Check out the cheevz below!

Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway

Touchdown-Completed Chapter Two : "Operation Market"-15G

Assault!-Ordered your squad to Assault the enemy 5 times-10G

The Four F's-Used your squad to Suppress and Flank the enemy 10 times-10G

Squad Kills-Helped your squad earn 20 kills-10G

Dig In!-Killed 25 enemies while using cover-45G

Action Camera Blast-Triggered an Action Camera moment with explosives-10G

Enemy Arms-Captured and fired a German MG42-10G

First Recon-Found a Recon Point-10G

Kilroy was here!-Found a Kilroy-10G

Action Camera Sniper-Triggered an Action Camera moment with fire arms-10G

Basic Training-Ordered your squad to fall-in, move and attack-10G

A Lethal Portent-Completed Chapter One : "Lost"-10G

Suppressive Fire-Suppressed an enemy-10G

Ok. Another WWII shooter. The only difference is that you have to babysit a number of stupid squads. The entire game is based around suppressing the enemy with one squad, while flanking them with the other. The graphics look good sometimes, and awful at other times. I will say that the game hands out the cheevos pretty well, so if you are looking for a quick cheevo boost this game will fit the bill. I managed to rack up these 13 cheevz in about 30 minutes of play time. All of the cheevoz unlock as you play, nothing special is required for these here. The action camera shots require specific kills to be preformed... and they look pretty sweet too.

So that's it for this week. Hopefully I can drag out a few more from Far Cry 2 and see if I can get that sent back to Hell where it belongs. I will also be making a list of old games that I'm going back to farm. See which ones I'm gunning for in a later post! Keep cheevin' strong!

Friday, January 16, 2009

This Week In Ch33v0z, The Call Of Duty: Far Cry 2 Edition

This has been a slow week in the world of ch33v0z. I've been working at Far Cry 2, but the more I play the more I realize it's total crap. I also had a chance to hit up some co-op in Call of Duty: World at War(finally)! Read on for the scoop on this weeks cheevo haul.

Call of Duty: World At War

Get Your Left Foot Wet-Got online, met some people, and kicked butt in a Campaign Co-Op game session-30G

Blue Ribbon-Finished in 1st place in a Competitive Co-Op match-25G

Snake in the Grass-Took out a Japanese soldier camouflaged and hiding in the grass-15G

Get Your Right Foot Wet-Got online, met some people, and kicked butt in a Competitive Co-Op game session-30G

Weapon of Mass Destruction-You called in a naval bombardment that took out at least 4 Japanese soldiers-15G

This game is a lot of fun. I finally got involved in the online multiplayer, both versus and co-op. Let me tell you, it's a bunch of fun. There is nothing like playing a co-op game with four of your friends! I will note that not all chapters of the campaign are available in co-op, which is a fucking crock. You also can't unlock the cheevos for beating each level while playing in co-op. Of course, there are a couple of cheevz that are exclusive to co-op... so it's worth playing a couple of rounds. I'd like to thank Mike53414, sparkla123, NatUralB187, and GLOBEL007 for helping get a few co-op cheevz.

Weapon of Mass Destruction can be obtained in the very first level of the campaign. Use the naval bombardment to take out the first machine gun nest on the beach. That should get you the cheevo, and if you don't get it there you'll have other opportunities to snag this in the same level.

Far Cry 2

Down but not out-Escaped to Bowa-Seko - the Southern Territory-10G

Stickin' it to the man-Killed a Faction Captain in Leboa-Sako - the Northern Territory-10G

This game is very cheap with handing out the sweet cheevoz. Not only that, but the voice acting is total crap and the game is not much fun. Some aspects are great, but overall it's pretty crappy. I keep contemplating sending this game back, but I'm hoping to squeeze a few more ch33v0z out of this before I toss it aside. I'm going to give it another week.

So that's it. Short and sweet this week. I've recently received Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway, so I'll be getting my cheevz in on that. I've also created a list of older games that I'd like to go back and farm for some sweet cheevz, so be on the lookout for that special post. Until next week, cheev on brothers.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

This Week In Ch33v0z, The FarCry Of Solace Edition

Another week has passed, and I've managed to put up a post! w00t! Let's make a habit of sticking with a schedule! This week finds some more awesome Fallout cheevz, a few new ones in Far Cry and the fond (not so fond) farewell to Quantum Of Solace. Ok, on to the cheevz.

Quantum Of Solace

I admire your courage-Earn over 1,000 in credits-15G

ELLIPSIS-In Airport, save the Skyfleet servers without breaking stealth-15G

For Your Eyes Only-Disable 10 cameras-20G

He's coming fast!-In Sink Hole, kill the helicopter pilot while the gunners are still alive-15G

We have people everywhere-In Siena, shoot all seven satellite dishes on the rooftops-15G

Allow me-In Venice, defeat Gettler with one shot-15G

You just need one shot-In Eco Hotel, kill the driver of the car-15G

Half-monk, half-hitman-Inside the Science Center, shoot down all the lights in the main hall-15G

I miss the Cold War-Outside Science Center, defeat each sniper guard with one shot-15G

Any thug can kill-In Casino Royale, reach the spa room without alerting or attacking the guards-15G

I'm the money-In Train, only use the P99 while on the freight train-15G

Octopussy-Complete game on New Recruit-20G

Tomorrow Never Dies-Complete game on Field Operative-25G

Quantum of Solace-Complete Eco Hotel-15G

Again, not having a great time with the game. Also, the story is so terrible that I wasn't paying attention and when the game ended, I was surprised. So that was a pleasant surprise. Unfortunately, just playing through the single player didn't net a lot of cheevoz. So I went back and picked up a few of the easy 15 pointers. Here are the ones you need to know about.

Octopussy, ok no tips here... but it's funny. I mean, you get the Octopussy cheevo for beating the game on easy! hahaha! Octopussies!

I Admire Your Courage is the worst one, becaue you have to play online matches against other people. Why is that bad? Try the online... it's crap. Anyway, you'll receive money for each match depending on how well you do. This should take anywhere from 5-15 matches. Get on it.

He's Coming Fast! Those words have been uttered many a time in my life... by chicks... that I'm currently banging. I digress, this cheevo is picked up in the Sink Hole level. There are a few choppers, and it will be clear which one you have to get. Towards the end of the level there will be a gunship with a gunner crew attacking you and pinning down your NPC partner. Just pick up the sniper rifle that they provide you, and shoot the pilot without killing any of the gunners. Play on easy or you'll be doing this one all day.

Fallout 3

The Superhuman Gambit-Completed "The Superhuman Gambit"-20G

Reilly's Rangers-Completed "Reilly's Rangers"-20G

The Wasteland Survival Guide-Completed "The Wasteland Survival Guide"-20G

Slayer of Beasts-Killed 300 creatures-20G

Harbinger of War-Reached Level 14 with Bad Karma-20G

Tranquility Lane-Completed "Tranquility Lane"-20G

Scientific Pursuits-Completed "Scientific Pursuits"-20G

Strictly Business-Completed "Strictly Business"-20G

Big Trouble in Big Town-Completed "Big Trouble in Big Town"-20G

Rescue from Paradise-Completed "Rescue from Paradise"-20G

Stealing Independence-Completed "Stealing Independence"-20G

Keys are for Cowards-Picked 50 locks-20G

Tenpenny Tower-Completed "Tenpenny Tower"-20G

Blood Ties-Completed "Blood Ties"-20G

Reaver-Reached Level 8 with Bad Karma-10G

Again, not much can be said in the way of tips for this game... since you get cheevos for completing quests. Though, I would like to point out that I'm an evil bastard, and I love every minute of it. Also, since it's the new year I would like to declair this game my Game of the Year. That's right, no fan fare, no big post about it. Just there. Booyah.

Far Cry 2

Upgraded Player-Upgraded one class 3 times (Ranked Match)-20G

Lent a hand-Completed a Buddy side quest-20G

Weapon Specialist-Purchased the manuals and acquired the bandolier for one weapon-10G

Good night sweet prince-Comforted a Buddy and eased his passing-40G

Bagman-Delivered stamped travel documents to the Underground in exchange for medicine-10G

Playing both sides...-Switched sides in Leboa-Sako - the Northern Territory-20G

The best laid plans-Worked with a Buddy to subvert a mission offered by a faction-10G

...into the fire.-Saved a Buddy from a mortal wound-30G

Supply...-Unlocked new weapons by hitting a Convoy-10G

Lineman-Completed a Mission intercepted from a cellular tower signal-20G

My patience is wearing quite thin with this game. It's complete crap. Not the graphics or the gameplay, but the story and the constant fucking driving! I fucking hate driving from place to place with nothing to keep you company but the GPS unit that doesn't even fucking work right! Not to mention, every single fucking intersection has a guard post! Not only that, but they shoot on sight! They shoot before they can even see me! Also, if I have to get out of my car and kill all the motherfuckers, I don't want a new group of assholes in the SAME SPOT 5 minutes later. I find this to be the most annoying thing in the game. AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Anyway, the cheevs do not flow very well from this game. Which is not a good thing for me. So here are a couple that I felt were stupid and should be explained.

Upgraded Player refers to the online multiplayer portion of the game. You'll play the game, and depending on how well you play you'll get experience that is put towards your level. You'll also receive diamonds that you can use to purchase weapons packages. Each weapons package has three slots for diamonds, once you spend a diamond to fill each slot you've completed that package and will get this cheevo.

Goodnight Sweet Prince came about by accident. You'll receive a buddy rescue from time to time during the game. When you become overwhelmed by the enemy and lose all of your health, your buddy will come and save you at that spot. It's kind of like a second chance. If your buddy takes too much damage, he will go down and you'll have to pick him up. If you leave him on the ground for an extended period of time, or he gets downed 3 times... he won't make it. You'll have to attend to him and either ease his passing with an overdose of morphine or a bullet to the brain. Don't worry, he'll ask for it... but don't save your game because once he's dead... he's fucking dead forever.

So that's it for this week! I've complete Quantum of Solace and sent that bad boy packing! Next up from Gamefly? Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway. I've heard it hands the cheevz out pretty readily, but is a horrible game. We will see. I'll also be working on Far Cry 2, until I decide it's too annoying and send that back as well. That's it for this week, kids. And remember, keep your eyes open, the cheevos are everywhere!