Monday, April 14, 2008

Call of Duty 4, Where Is My Money?!

I've played a lot of games, and I've come across a lot of impossible ch33v0z... Army of Two's Billion Dollar ch33v0, Gears of War's 10,000 kills ch33v0, or Guitar Hero 3's Inhuman cheev0.

One sweet ch33v0 that I had on this list was Call of Duty 4's Mile High Club ch33v... I took the time to get through the entire game on Veteran, which had some pretty difficult levels that spit in my face at every turn. When I finally defeated the campaign, and scored most of the points I could get... one ch33v0 was out of my grasp, and it broke my will. I actually had a few other ch33vz left in that game, easy ones, but without that one special cheevo I couldn't go on. I said, "what's the point? I'll never have that last, stupid, ch33v."

I gave up, I was a broken man... I considered giving up completely, throwing it all away... I even bought a gun. That's right, I was going to end it all. I went to a couple of cheevoholics meetings, got a sponsor, heard some stories and decided to get my life back on track. I was doing well, until this weekend... When Call of Duty showed up on my doorstep, all the old feelings came back... and I jumped into the game, last level on veteran. I know, I know... but I had to get some closure and I knew that I could do it.

After a few tries, and some helpful tips I was elated when I made it to the end of the level and propelled myself from the door of that plane... CH33V0 UNLOCKED. Booyah. That's right folks, I made COD my bitch. So, with a renewed confidence I went out and conquered the rest of the ch33v0z in the game and locked up 1000 gamerscore. It was good times, here are some quick tips on how to do it:

  • Watch a video on Youtube, THIS ONE is what I used
  • Make it to the second floor with 20 seconds left
  • Your teammates are invincible, let them do some of the work
  • You don't have to kill all of the enemies
  • The enemies die with one or two shots, no need to hose them down
  • Use your pistol until the very end, then swap out the SMG
  • Flash bangs are your friend
  • Run
That's pretty much it, you are going to have to do it a few times. You can rely on your teammates for a lot, just make sure to run far enough ahead and grab some cover.

The final ch33vz that needed unlocking for me were the "Intel" ch33v0z and the "Your show sucks" ch33v. You can find a complete guide for the Intel pieces HERE (15 pages total, very detailed) and one for the TV's HERE (This is the vid I used, but all the tv's are in the CHARLIE DON'T SURF level, the first one shown on blackout is not needed... but this was the best vid available.)

Go forth and conquer my children, make COD4 your little bitch. Relish those sweet ass ch33v0z!


Fyodor007 said...

Viva La Ce44v0lution!

Again, congrats.

ghett0yeti said...

Damn. Fucking gangster.

Dude, I was going through your cheevos, you are missing some really easy ones on GHII. I know it's ancient, but I recently bought it (I already had it on PS2 but I bought it for the cheevs) and I just thought I'd bring that up. Because they could be done in minutes and I think that once you cross the 20,000 mark on your points you can actually throw lightning from your hands. In real life.


Oh, I know I'm missing thousands of points. This is what is telling me:

18644 of 69755 Gamerscore

That's right kids, I am capable of collecting 69,000 points. Sad times, wasted ch33vz.

ghett0yeti, I expect a post about the sweet ch33vz that can be collected in GH2.

ghett0yeti said...
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ghett0yeti said...

So let it be done. Tomorrow. When I'm sober.

Fyodor007 said...

There is something so deeply satisfying about earning a ch33vo... when that little blip pops up, I feel warm and happy. Even if it's only worth 2 (ala half life 2)... it's still so worth the effort. I can totally relate to earning 1000 ch33vs in a game and how great that last one feels... Ahhh sweet ch44vos.