Friday, April 25, 2008

This Week In Ch33v0z, The Condemned: Vegas 1 edition

This week wasn't too eventful, but I'm not saying I didn't unlock a fat load of sweet cheevz for everyone to enjoy. Without further ado, my week in ch33v0z.

Condemned: Criminal Origins

Chapter 5-10 Bronze Bird Awards-You found a dead bird-10G (Total 50G this week)

Chapter 7 Silver Bird Award-You found all six birds in the Metro City Library-20G

Chapter 9 Completion Award-You finished Chapter 9: Apple Seed Orchard-10G

Gold Detective Badge-You found the Gold Detective Badge TV-50G

First Propaganda Report-You unlocked the first propaganda report-20G

Chapter 8 Completion Award-You finished Chapter 8: St. Joseph's Secondary School-10G

Chapter 7 Completion Award-You finished Chapter 7: the Metro City Library-10G

Bird Bath Xbox 360-You found the Bird Bath TV-10G

Silver Melee Master Award-You completed three levels of Condemned: Criminal Origins with only melee weapons-20G

Chapter 6 Completion Award-You finished Chapter 6: Burnback Alley-10G

Silver Detective Badge-You found the Silver Detective Badge TV-50G

Chapter 5 Completion Award-You finished Chapter 5: Bart's Department Store-10G

I'm still plowing through Condemned: Criminal Origins, which if you've played it you know why that can be tough. Plain and simple it's scary and you're in one of the most shitty game worlds around. Everything is trashed and tons of junkies and freaks are attacking you out of nowhere, more often than not eliciting a girlish scream from the player.

So the ch33v0z are pretty basic, finish a level get 10 points. One of the easier tasks in the game is to find a dead bird. Each level contains six dead birds, and the first is usually right in front of you. The first of the series is worth 10 points every time. You can get all the birds in every level, netting an additional 20 points, but that means you have to search the dank and dark corners of every little space in the level. Trust me, spending your time in Condemned is not exactly pleasant. If you choose to go for the gusto, use these walkthroughs for each level.

The propaganda report ch33v0 can be gained by collecting the metal pieces in each level. There are 3 metal pieces per level, and you need a certain amount to unlock each report. You can find most of the metal pieces stuck on the wall, or behind objects. Look on the walls for hand drawings featuring a massive amount of eyeballs(yes, little pictures of eyeballs, search the area)... Just trust me, or check the walkthrough.

The Detective badges are pretty cool. This game has a few TVs with Xbox 360 consoles attached to them. When you stumble across one you'll get a prompt that says, "Hit A to unlock achievement". Some of them are easier to find, and and worth 10 points, the silver and gold badges are worth 50 points. These are VERY sweet cheevos because they aren't that hard to find if you are willing to search a level. Again, the walkthrough will shorten your search.

Rainbow Six Vegas 2

Officer-Achieve the rank of Officer-30G

Stick it to the man with this cheat in Rainbow Six: Vegas 2, it deserves it because of it's kind of annoying ranking system. Well, if you are in the know, then you are well aware of the patch that was put out by Ubisoft this week. You also know that they fixed an XP glitch in the first level. You should also know, that I used said XP glitch to rank up to officer and get a sweet ch33v0 worth 30 points!

Here is how the glitch works: Start act 1, scene 2 A.K.A. "ambush" and work your way to the the way point. It takes about 3 or 4 minutes to get to the glitch area. Once you reach the room with the bomb inside, send your teammate to disable it. Then toss a grenade towards the closed door behind the bomb. You'll get 20 XP and you'll see a barrel appear out of nowhere! Run for some cover near the door, and look to the second level. An enemy will appear and run for the mounted machine gun at the top, kill him and he'll respawn FOREVER! When you run out of ammo, let him kill you and it will respawn you right outside of the room. This takes a while, and I wouldn't say it's any fun... but if you are a dirty cheater you'll like it. Side note: do this on realistic to get the max points, and erase the update from your cache if you already downloaded it. Of course, this video will make my instructions so much clearer.

That's pretty much it for this week. I'm currently working on some cheevo farming in Rainbow Six: Vegas (the first one) and trying to finish Condemned: Criminal Origins. I still have Condemned 2 in plastic wrap, on my game shelf... sad really. I would say to be on the lookout for those games next week, but then I would be lying to you... Since we all know that GTA 4 will be out this Tuesday and those cheev0z are freakin' calling!

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CyanideChrist33 said...

Damn. You had to go and remind me.. I'm going to the mall to put GTA4 on pre-order today... With what little cash I still have after being unemployed for this long. But hey, unemployment isn't all that bad! I've had a LOT of time to HARVEST tEh ch33v0s!!! w00t!!!1!1