Friday, April 4, 2008

This Week In Ch33v0z, The Rainbow Six Edition

For all of my loyal fans who are too busy to monitor all of my sweet ch33vage during the week, here is your weekly recap!

Well, after further review, it seems that I've only unlocked ch33vz in one game, that game is Rainbow Six: Vegas 2. Most of the week was a virtual ch33v0 drought. I unlocked one 20 point ch33v0 on the 28th of March and the rest of the week there wasn't a ch33v in site. That was until late last night, when hurricane Ch33v0 rolled into town. It was a flash flood of the sweetest ch33vz, and I was swimming in them. Ok, had enough weather related metaphors?

I decided to finish up Rainbow Six Vegas 2 on realistic difficulty, and capture all the sweet ch33v0z that come along with that. Little did I know, I was on the cusp of many other ch33v0z, which gave my gamerscore a bump of 210 points! w00t!

Here's for a Wicked Five! Complete 10 scenes as Bishop's teammate, Knight, in co-op Story mode at any difficulty. -20G

Completed Nevada Desert Complete Nevada Desert in Story Mode at any difficulty.-25

Completed Estate Complete Estate in Story Mode at any difficulty.- 25

Freedom Shall Prevail Complete the Story Mode on Realistic difficulty.-75

Pointman Kill 50 enemies in multiplayer adversarial with at least 6 players present.-10

I Like the Sound it Makes Kill 150 terrorists with a Shotgun.-25

Weapon Collector Unlock every weapon in the game.- 30

The Freedom Shall Prevail ch33v0 was a rough one to get because of a crappy save system and some crap single player stuff (That's all for another post). The FSP ch33v0 did give me 75 points, large return ch33vz always make me feel good. The shotgun and weapon collector ch33v0z were both surprises. Unexpected ch33v0z can be some of the most rewarding.

Even with a ch33v0 shortage for most of the week, the bounty of ch33v0z was plentiful and oh so sweet. Stay tuned for next week's ch33v0z in review. I've got my sights set on some Beautiful Katamari, Mass Effect, Rainbow Six Vegas 2, and maybe some other new game. Yes, the goals are lofty, but no one ever said that I couldn't fail.

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