Tuesday, April 8, 2008

On The Hunt For Ch33v0z

Looking through my vast library of Xbox 360 games I've come to a realization... I didn't play most of them, I am thereby denying myself some sweet ass ch33v0z. This has led me to dig out some of my older games, and try to farm the sweet ch33vz.

Unfortunately I have a VERY LONG list of games that I haven't given proper time too. I've neglected them, they should be taken away by some government service and given to a family that will nurture them, and cherish their sweet, sweet, ch33v0z. Since this government entity doesn't exist, I get another chance to harvest the ch33vz. Here is a short list, of what will become a very LONG list, over many posts:

Oblivion- Arguably one of the best 360 games available. What I would call a FPS/RPG. I only played it until the first 50 point ch33v0, and put it away for months. It's a shame really, but the slow story line and lack of freedom(I want to kill who I want, when I want... without getting hassled at every turn) has kept me from returning to this game.

Condemned- Yeah, I know... but it's so scary! This game is fun, but for some reason it's just not hooking me. I will get it finished! I will! I'll finish it because I'm not going to buy Condemned 2 until I do. :(

Dead Rising- Another popular game. Why wouldn't I be addicted to killing zombies? Well, one reason has kept me from returning to this game, the save system. It SUCKS! I'm sorry, but it's awful. Checkpoints, save anywhere... these are the things a gamer needs!

Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter- This game is cool looking, and it's a shooter! Why haven't I played the hell out of it? Well, it's a very complicated game. It's got some great features, weapons, and squad tactics. It's not a pick up and play game, time must be invested.

Splinter Cell Double Agent- This is a fun game, but I'm just not a stealthy, sneaky guy. I want to run in there, kill everyone, and dance on a pile of bodies. So, it's not the games fault, it's just the way I play.

These are some of my most forgotten and neglected games. Their ch33v0z are begging to be freed! I must save the ch33v0z!

So there you have it, just a small list of some of the games that are on my long list of unharvested ch33v0 mines. Stay tuned for updates on progress with these games, and a continuation of my other many neglected games.


Diggie Smalls said...

While I could just post a reply in a stand alone blog, this is much easier. I also have neglected the sweet, sweet ch33v0 nectar from two games from your list; but there is good reason: Dead Rising SUCKS and Splinter Cell is fucking hard.

Dead Rising is just too lame with the time limit and the ENDLESS waves of shittastic zombies. I give it the "I really wish I would have done this failed attempt at a sandbox game better" award. First, IT"S IN A CLOSED MALL!!!! and second, Dawn of the Dead did a better "mall in a zombie land" scenario better.

Maybe it would have been better if the good folks at Capcom would have included a "shoot Burt Reynolds" sniping mini game.

Fuck that game

ghett0yeti said...

You know...I know a guy who could use some hand me down games. He's a decent guy, but he spends all of his extra money on alcohol and firearms. Because he's a true patriot.

And Dirk...that was the whole point of Dead Rising. I award you no points...