Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Ch33v0 Hunt: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

My hunt for the sweet cheevos continues. I chip away at the mountain of unharvested games, and the list continues to grow. So, as promised here is another small excerpt of my forgotten games. This list includes some great titles, and some not so great titles. As some might say, it's all the same in the dark... and that goes for the sweet ch33v0z too.

The Orange Box- Yes, this is a travesty and I should be shot in the face with a hot dog gun... blah, blah, blah. I played Portal like crazy, but with all the games that released last fall and my unhealthy obsession with getting 1000 gamerscore in Halo 3, I pushed this one aside. This is one that I regret not working through, excluding TF2(that game sucks).

Dirt-This is just a really good racing game. It's got all you want from a racing game, and I only spent a week on it. I would put this up there with PGR for fun factor.

Overlord-This was probably one of the most underrated games last year. It's got some awesome graphics and really fun gameplay. I've got to say, I'm disappointed that I never finished this game. I will say that it gets really hard in some parts, and after beating my head against a rock for some time, I needed a break... a long one.

Stranglehold-The demo of this game tricked me into buying it. It's got some great ideas, but it's repetitive... REALLY repetitive. Not to mention it came out 1 week before Bioshock, and to not play Bioshock in lieu of this crap game would be a crime.

Armored Core 4- What can I say about this game? Teh suck? Yeah, it's not the greatest game, and it's not really that much fun either. I'm not sure how I'm going to manage putting myself through this game, but the ch33v0z are calling.

So there you have it, another short list from my long list of forgotten titles. Some of these can't be ignored, others are going to take some serious work. That's the life of a cheevoholic.

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Diggie Smalls said...

Armored Core was 25 bucks that was so waisted... I had such lofty intentions for this game... *sigh* But then again, I haven't turned on my Xbox in almost two weeks.