Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Devil Deals In Ch33v0s

As the first of my posts I would like to say "hi" to the two or three people who will see this blog about the most expensive and addictive thing since crack --the Ch33v0.

I have a love/hate relationship with the sweet, sweet Ch33v0. First of all, I love them because I love to get them. When that sweet little oval pops up, Jesus I get half a stalk! HOWEVER, I hate them because some of them are down right retarded.

Off the top of my head the Ch33v0 that tops the list of what we'll call "Dirka's Dumbass Ch33v0s" is Gears of War's Ch33v0 called "Seriously...". In this blatant attempt by Epic to keep nerds far away from the opposite sex, one must kill 10,000 people in versus ranked match. That is mind-numbingly retarded. I'm curious to see if anyone could put their Xbox through that type of torture without getting at least ONE Red Ring of Death. ALSO, it's an online Ch33v0 and I'll delve into that topic later.

Now I know that there is one person out there that would say, "that's because you're not good enough to get those Ch33v0s," (ZEBRA NINER) but I'm allowed my opinion.

All my posts won't be this Debbie Downer, but I need everyone to know that Ch33vos to me are a fickle bitch that have the ability to make you laugh hysterically in ecstasy one minute, but make you weep out of sheer frustration the next.



Dirka, maybe you aren't good enough to unlock those sweetest of ch33vz? ;)

Rian said...

Or, maybe you need to play sober. After walking headfirst into a wall, for the better part of 15 minutes, I've realized that much like sex, gaming is much easier while not shit-faced.