Thursday, June 26, 2008

This Week In Ch33v0z, The Arcade Extravaganza!

Ch33v0z come, and cheev0z go. I played a bunch of arcade games, and unlocked a smattering of various cheevos. I dusted of some oldies and played a couple of new(ies?) games. Anyway, get your panties off because we are talking cheevz.

Wolf Of The Battlefield: Commando 3 *100% Completed Ch33v0z*

Humanitarian-You rescued all of the POWs in the game-10G

Sleuth-You found all of the Secret Areas in the game-20G

Mercenary-You completed the game on Suicide Mission difficulty-15G

Madman-You attained a 24X score multiplier on every level-30G

Armored Attack-You got in the tank with two other players-6G

Combined Assault-You completed the game with at least one other player-40G

Veteran-You completed the game on Black Ops difficulty-7G

I really like this game. I like this game a lot. I'm a fanboy for it, and that's the bottom line. I was able to push my enthusiasm onto one of my good friends, Ivan (A.K.A CyanideChrist33) and we put in some work on the co-op aspect of this game. Good things happened people, good things... We loaded up a game with another player and got our co-op on. I will say that at this point, both of us were, how should I put this.... suck ass players. Luckily for us, we happened to team up with a bad ass shoot-em-up gamer and he carried our asses through the entire game(I'm not joking, we died at the second level and he beat the next 3 levels on his own), unlocking some sweet ass cheev0z! Yes, you might say that this was a cheep way to get the Veteran cheevo and the Combined Assault cheevo, but you don't have either one... do you?

I did get some redemption when I beat the game on Suicide mission difficulty and earned the Mercenary cheevo all by myself... that's right, one man against the world(game world). Completing the game on these higher levels is hard to give advice for, but the one thing that will get you through this game is this: Being a Bass Ass MoFo. Damn straight.

Madman requires you to get a 24X multiplier on each level in ONE playthrough. A 24X multiplier is only gained by killing many enemies without being hit. This isn't as hard as it sounds. Lower the difficulty to "Cake walk", during each level find an enemy spawn point (little barracks that they pour out of). Don't destroy the spawn, but instead fire upon the enemies emerging until you hit you 24x multiplier. Do this at the first spawn in each level.

Armored Attack will require 2 players... that's right, you'll need friends or you'll have to luck out and team up with some folks over live. It's much easier to get this cheevo if you have already beaten this game, because you can choose the level you want to start at, and since the tank is located in the very last level, that's where you need to start. Once you see the tank, just make everyone hop in... boom 6 stupid points.

Sleuth and Humanitarian should be done in the same playthrough. If you've already completed the other cheevz, just play again on cake walk difficulty. You can use this guide(Thanks Beldryn), it's simple and worth 30 points.

You know what? I love this game so much, I'm willing to extend an open invitation to anyone for help with these cheevz. You are welcome.


UNO Shark-Win ten 4-player games of UNO®, in any mode, on Xbox Live-30G

I haven't unlocked an UNO cheev in over a year. I hopped onto some UNO with Cyanide, just to BS... and what do you know? I unlocked this one! In between drunk ramblings and weapon weilding foreigners performing dance moves on the vision cam(no penis shots this time!). This also means I only have UNO(one) cheevo left to get 100% completion!

Bomberman LIVE

You die so good!-Score 25 Frags in an Xbox Live Zombie Match-15G

Again, Cyanide and I decided to get some Bombing on... and a little boosting. Yes, I tried to get this legit, but we finally broke down and just boosted. Don't judge me. You have 3 minutes and a copy of Bomberman? Teh ch33v0 unlocked. Set up the zombie match, frag and repeat.


The Stronghold - Casual-Completed Act 2 "The Stronghold" on Casual difficulty-10G

The Stronghold - Skilled-Completed Act 2 "The Stronghold" on Skilled difficulty-15G

The Stronghold - Elite-Completed Act 2 "The Stronghold" on Elite difficulty-20G

Pickpocket-Nabbed 10 weapons out of enemy hands using Time Powers-10G

All Fall Down-Killed 3 enemies at one time during Time Stop-10G

Slowly but surely I'm working my way through this game. It's all pretty standard stuff, except where noted.

All Fall Down is actually a little tricky. That time suit that you are wearing will let you stop time, but only for a small amount of time. Luckily the game provides you with many instances where there are 3 enemies in a small cluster. My recommendation is to get as close as possible to them before being noticed, pause time, and use the shotgun... a lot.

Pickpocket seemed more lengthy than difficult. Pause time, and get close to an armed enemy then hold down the X button. Do this 10 times and you are good to go.
There it is people, your review for the week! Seems like the arcade is the place to be. Quick update: Gamefly shipped Burnout Paradise yesterday, so be on the lookout for some of those ch33vz next week. That's it... now leave. I'm serious... get the hell out of here!


CyanideChrist33 said...

Totally awesome that you gave me props on this one, but the link doesn't work. It makes you sign in. I wanted to see myself in the glory that is, erm... myself. But I don't blame you. Stupid


Yeah, you have to sign in to see it... and it wouldn't matter for you, because you would just go to your home page.