Friday, June 6, 2008

This Week In Ch33v0z, The Army Of GTA And Bully The Club

What a week! I'm pulling down the sweet ch33v0z hand over fist. That's right, going old school and ch33vin' to the max. I was able to nail down the last few cheevz I'm willing to go for on The Club, and I'm still grinding away at Bully. I was also pleasantly surprised to get a few new cheevos in Army of Two! The recent FREE DLC pack that released last week provides six new cheevz (if you like the game, I suggest grabbing the pack). Finally, the every infamous Gobble Gobble ch33v0 from GTA4... I've got the tested and proven technique to snag this annoying one!

Army of Two

I wanna be a cleaner-Final blow to Dalton is a headshot with a pimped .44 MODEL 29 handgun-25G

Mission 8 Complete-Completed Mission 8 as Professional.-30G

Mission 7 Complete-Completed Mission 7 as Professional.-30G

Army of Two, one of the most ch33v0-generous games of 2008! Recently released FREE DLC pack adds two new campaign levels, and six new ch33v0z to be captured!

Mission 7 & 8 complete are acquired when you complete the new missions, but you MUST complete them on Professional difficulty level. This can be done alone, or with a co-op partner. I recommend getting it done with a human friend, it's more fun and less frustrating.

I wanna be a cleaner was eluding my grasp for a little bit. I couldn't get it done in a co-op session, no matter how I tried. I was able to do it on my first solo try, which leads me to believe that with the extra human partner, the game tosses extra enemies at you. Thereby making it more difficult and cluttered to get to your objective. Do this one on Recruit difficulty, and make sure you have the FULLY pimped and upgraded .44 equipped. Once you knock him off the cat walk, blast him a few times with your primary weapon. Then, when his health is low make the head shot.

The Club

Show Off-Achieve every ‘in game award’ in one level in either Tournament or Single Event.-20G

SkullMaster-Hit 5 Skullshots in a row (without killing a bad guy in between).-25G

Melee the Elephant-Kill 30 enemies in a level with a melee attack in either Tournament or Single Event.-25G

Join the Club-Play an event with every one of the 6 unlocked characters in either Tournament or Single Event.-40G

The Awards Show-Achieve one of every ‘in game award’ either in Tournament or Single Event.-25G

Skillzone-Complete Warzone on Insane difficulty-40G

Warlord-Complete the game on any difficulty level in Tournament.-30G

Bunker Buster-Complete Bunker on Insane level.-20G

Defcon 3-Complete Bunker on any difficulty level in Tournament.-10G

Combo Killer-Reach the level objective with a maximum combo in either Tournament or Single Event.-30G

Efficiency-Kill every enemy on a level using less than 50 bullets in either Tournament or Single Event.-30G

Full House-Complete Manor House on Insane level.-20G

A Stately Achievement-Complete Manor House on any difficulty level in Tournament.-10G

Breakthrough-Smash 50 Doors in either Tournament or Single Event.-10G

A Crate Effort-Complete Warehouse on Insane level.-20G

Crate Work-Complete Warehouse on any difficulty level in Tournament.-10G

The Bunker, Warzone, Manor House, and Warehouse cheevos are all gained by completing those tournaments. Play them on Insane difficulty to get the extra cheevz.

Some of the ch33v0z for The Club are actually pretty fun, and relatively challenging.

The Combo Killer ch33v0 was probably the most challenging for me, thankfully there is a video to help you along the way! Do this on the Venice tournament, Veni, Vidi, Vici level. If you use a pistol, and get head shots... you can snag the Efficiency cheevo at the same time.

While your on Veni, Vidi, Vici you may as well get the Join The Club cheevo. Do a single event, and play through that level(it's the shortest) with each character.

Melee The Elephant can be done on the Time to Mill level of Steel Mill. Do it on Easy, and make sure to pick up health when you are low.

The Awards Show requires that you get at least one each of the game's awards. Each award is listed:
  • Head shot
  • Head shot Heaven(5 head shots in a row)
  • Great shot(distance)
  • Crack shot(greater distance)
  • Snap shot (pressing the Y button to do a quick turn, and then making a kill)
  • Death roll (pressing the A button to do a roll, and then making a kill)
  • Ric-O-Slay (Kill an enemy with a ricochet bullet)
  • Penetrator (Kill an enemy by shooting through something)
  • Multi-kill (Kill more than one enemy with an explosion)
  • Last Bullet (Kill an enemy with the last bullet in your magazine)
These should be easily completed at some point during your normal play through of the game. It gets tricky when you are trying to accomplish them all at once for the Show Off cheevo. It's relatively difficult, and can be accomplished in the Pressed Into Action level of the Steel Mill tournament. Here is a video to give you some guidance.

Bully: Scholarship Edition

GLASS DISMISSED-Break 300 bottles at the shooting gallery.-25G

SKATE PRO-Travel 50,000 meters on the skateboard-25G

OVER THE RAINBOW-Receive 20 kisses from the gents.-20G

GREEN THUMBS UP-Pick 50 flowers-20G

JUNIOR-Complete Chapter 3-20G

LITTLE ANGEL-Complete 20 Errand Missions-20G

DOWN FOR THE COUNT-Beat up 200 opponents-20G

CASANOVA-Receive 25 kisses from the ladies.-20G

SPEED FREAK-Complete ½ of all Go Kart Races-20G

Most of these cheevs are unlocked through repetitive actions. No real tips, you'll have to put in your work for these: GLASS DISMISSED, SKATE PRO, LITTLE ANGEL, and DOWN FOR THE COUNT.

Here are some tips that will help you get the CASANOVA, OVER THE RAINBOW, and GREEN THUMBS UP cheevos. First of all, you need to pass at least one art class to be able to unlock smooth talk, gift giving, and smooch getting. You can find flowers in front of the girls dorm, and you can chat up any girl... hand them the flowers(enabling more flowers to be picked), and get a kiss. As far as the gay ass cheevo goes... just look for the bully pictured below, and chat him up... :(.


Gobble Gobble-You got a turkey in 10-pin bowling.-10G

This is one that I'm proud of. It took some time, and I figured out my technique. I even recommened it to others, and they had success with it. If you aren't familiar with bowling, a turkey is when you get 3 strikes in a row. My technique is as follows:
  • Take two FULL steps to the left.
  • Move the right stick all the way back
  • Move the stick forward, but do NOT move the thumb stick all the way up... stop short.
It may seem that you don't have enough power to knock the pins down, but I promise this is consistent and will work.

It's been a tough week, lots to see and lots to cheev. I've sent The Club back to Gamefly, so look for my new game next week. It looks like Ninja Gaiden II(crosses fingers), Conan, or Timeshift. Whatever the game, I will milk the sweet ch33v0z for you.