Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ch33v0z In A Minute!

Time for a throw back ch33v0 session. These games are a little older, but the cheevos are still good. Hell, you might even argue that they are now ripe. It's time to get to that local video store, search the bargain bins, or hit up a friend(me) and see if you can dust off some of these gems. Strap on your knickers and bust out the party hats(I have no idea), because it's time to get your ch33v0 on!


Transform and Roll Out-You've transformed for the first time-10G Your first time... ahh, I remember it like it was yesterday. Actually, I don't remember much... I think I was drunk. Anyway, back to games... Yeah, this one is easy(kind of like that girl from my first time). If you can actually stomach playing through the game, there is a bounty of sweet ch33v0z to harvest. If you want a quick 10 points, all you have to do is load up the game and press the Y button. That's right, one button and you transform and snap up 10 points. w00t!

Assassin's Creed

Welcome to the Animus-You've successfully completed the Animus tutorial.-20G Contrary to what some people might say, this is a really fun game(plus the word ASS is in the title... twice!). It's worth a play through for the fun it provides, and it hands out the ch33v0z pretty quickly. This one is gained by completing the tutorial in the first part of the game, it doesn't take too long and for 20 points it's well worth it.

Project Gotham Racing 3

Arcade Player-Arcade Player-15G Why bother with a description of the cheevo, just give it a name. Not only did they half ass the descriptions, but each tile is exactly the same. Yeah, so this one isn't as hard as it sounds... or doesn't sound. Wait... what? Anyway, in the game you'll have a garage, which you can "walk around". Choose to walk around your garage, and you'll notice 2 arcade machines, Geometry Wars Evolved and Geometry Wars. All you have to do is play them both, you don't even have to finish the game, you can quit(quitters!). After both have been played, the sweet ch33v0 unlocks. Oh, and the rest of the game... you know, racing and what not, is pretty damn good.

45 points the old fashioned way! With that, I go back to my harvest. Those cheevos won't unlock themselves.


ghett0yeti said...

Jesus man. Where do you find the time?


Where do I find the time to what?