Friday, June 13, 2008

This Week In Ch33v0z, The Bully My Timeshift Edition

This week has been a fast one. I nearly forgot that I had a review to write up. So, with that in mind... here is your week in teh ch33v0z! This week doesn't offer too much, due to the fact that Bully is pissing me off. It's pissing me off so much, that I didn't get to give my full attention to my new Gamefly offering, Timeshift!

Bully: Scholarship Edition

MOMMA'S BOY-Complete 30 Errand Missions-25G

TOUR DE BULLWORTH-Travel 100 km on the bike-25G

MARATHON-Travel 100,000 meters on foot-25G THE

CHAMPION-Complete All Bike Races-20G

GRADUATE-Complete Chapter 5-40G

SMELL YA LATER-Hit people with stink bombs 50 times-25G

POLE POSITION-Complete All Go Kart Races-20G

SENIOR-Complete Chapter 4-20G

GREEN THUMB-Complete All Lawn Mowing Jobs-20G

Ok, so here are the last few ch33v0z you fine people are going to see from Bully: SE. I'm officially finished with the story, and while I haven't completely tapped the cheevo well, there are some rather stubborn ones presenting themselves and one in particular that is giving me trouble. That's the MISSION ACCOMPLISHED cheevo. That particular one requires you finish all the missions, there are 76 in the story. I have completed 75, and I can't seem to find the last one. I'm not beaten yet, but I'm not going to put much more time into this game... on to the cheevoz.

Most of these are self explanatory. MARATHON and TOUR DE BULLWORTH are both irritating and time consuming, but by the end of the game you should be pretty close to each of these goals. Just make sure to snag a bike or run anywhere you need to go(if time permits).

THE CHAMPION and POLE POSITION are kind of irritating as well. To find a race, open your map and look for the yellow/gold trophy icon. The problem is that both go kart races and bike races are marked in the same way. Once you finish the last race in each level, the trophy stays on the map... so make sure you pay attention or you might do the same race twice.

SMELL YA LATER is actually pretty easy, just head to your dorm room and pick up some stink bombs. If you bomb a group of people, each person counts as one , so stay away from single pedestrians!

GREEN THUMB is easy as pie, just head up to the park and do all 3 jobs one after another. Booyah! Teh Ch33v0 unlocked!


Look What I Can Do-Walked on water using Time Powers-5G

Ok, so this is probably my weakest ch33v0 offering ever, but I only played this game last night. Of course, I'm a real man... and I'm stubborn and think I'm better than I actually am, so I'm playing this on the hardest difficulty for the stackable cheevs. That means I died... a lot, and I'm not even done with the first level.

Look What I Can Do is pretty simple, since you have to do it in order to progress in the level. There is a section about 10-15 minutes in where you'll have to cross some electrified water. Just freeze time and run to the other side... boom, 5 points.

Come back next week for more Timeshift, and possibly a new game! The harvest is bountiful... take part my friends!

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