Monday, May 19, 2008

Ch33v0z For Rent!

Update for all of you following The Cheevolution. My birthday recently passed (it will be a national holiday after I'm gone... I'm thinking "Cheevo Day"...) and among the gifts from friends and family was a subscription to Gamefly. That's right, the game rental service that mails games directly to your home. I'll be getting my cheevos delivered from here on out, and you know what that means? I'll be renting some of the cheeviest games around. Here are a few that I currently have on my "GameQ", just waiting to be harvested.

Viking: Battle For Asgard- I've heard good things about this one... no, not concerning the gameplay, but the easiness of the sweet cheevz. I hear they flow like the wine of the gods, providing life and points to all that partake in their holy goodness.

Jumper- This game got HORRIBLE reviews, and I've heard that it's murder to play. Luckily, the cheevos are sweet, and most can be unlocked with 4-5 hours of play. Jumper, not a good movie... and so the game shall share the same fate.

King Kong- Who doesn't love monkeys? I don't. Seriously, I hate them. I hate monkeys, gorillas, any primate(including humans). They are disgusting, and I want to kill them all. King Kong should have a happy ape killing ending, and you can get all 1000 points just by finishing this game. No special feats required. teh w00t.

NBA 2K6- Following the same line of most 2K6 sports titles, this one has 5 easy cheevos. Sweet, and sexy. Worst part of this? It's a basketball game. Teh ghey. This harvest involves setting the difficulty to easy, and making the halves long. Should get 1000 in one game.

College Hoops 2K6- Same as before. Wash, rinse, repeat so to speak. 1000 in my pocket.

That's not all of them, but that's a few of the quick and dirty. Stay tuned for progress, tips and shout outs to all my ninjas. It's going to get dirty up in here, and I'm going to get ch33v0 all over the sheets.

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ghett0yeti said...

Gamefly. It never seemed like a good idea until now. I fully encourage this exploitation. Cheev on my good man. Cheev on.