Friday, May 30, 2008

This Week In Ch33v0z, The Gamefly Harvest Edition

Damn son, the ch33v0z were flowing this week. This week I worked on my Gamefly stash, and harvested MANY cheevos! I worked Bully and The Club, and they are paying out very well. The Club hands out the ch33v0z like they are free, every one harvested this week was done in a couple of hours. Due to the staggering amount of cheevos, I'm going to abbreviate this week's list.

The Club

Listmania-Save 5 Playlists in GunPlay.-5G

Tabletopper-Get in the top 5,000 on any leaderboard in Tournament.-25G

Save our Souls-Spell the word SOS in the Warehouse in either Tournament or Single Event.-20G

Sprint the Gauntlet-Complete a Run the Gauntlet with 20 seconds left.-20G

Scavenger-Shoot All Skullshots on one level in either Tournament or Single Event.-10G

Scores on the Board-Get in the top 100,000 on any leaderboard.-10G

Rack em Up-Achieve your first x10 combo in either Tournament or Single Event.-10G

Top Gun-Get more than 10,000 points for a single kill in either Tournament or Single Event.-25G

I also unlocked 10 other ch33v0z, worth another 150 points that are story related. Each level has a series of rounds, passing each level on any difficulty will net you 10 points. Passing any level on Insane difficulty will net you an additional 20 points. These are stackable, so you can get 30 points for each level passed. The Insanity difficulty is not very hard for an intermediate skilled player.

On to the cheev0s! These should all be relatively easy to unlock. Top Gun and Rack em Up will probably get unlocked together. Just keep your kill meter high, and you will unlock this, the x10 combo is very easy to gain.

Table Topper and Scores on the Board are simple as well. Just put the difficulty setting at easy, and play as well as you can. These are both easily unlocked.

Save our Souls is easily missed, or misunderstood. This is obtained in the Warehouse level, first event "Ghetto Blaster". At the end of the level, you are on a rooftop. Behind the level exit, at the edge of the roof, there is signage that reads "Clarke & SOnS. Ltd". Shoot every letter(and the period too) to spell out SOS and you'll unlock this sweet ass cheev.

Sprint the Gauntlet can be done on the any difficulty. I got it on the insane(because that's how I roll) and it wasn't too hard. Just play a Gauntlet level, like "Run Of The Mill"(first level, 6th event), and haul ass through it. Don't kill everyone, just make sure to run!

Scavenger can be done on ANY level, try a sprint event or a siege event. You can take your time on a sprint event, and the siege events are typically small enough to see all skulls.

Listmania is really easy, go into the menu and create a play list. Just create and save 5, they can be one map each. That's a quick 5 points for you.

BULLY: Scholarship Edition

BLACK & WHITE & READ ALL OVER-Complete All Paper Route Missions-20G

SOPHOMORE-Complete Chapter 2-20G

BOY GENIUS-Complete 9 Classes-30G

EGGSELLENT!-Egg 25 cars-20G

THE WHEEL DEAL-Perform 200 wheelies on the bike-25G

SODA 'LICIOUS-Buy 100 sodas-20G

HELPING HAND-Complete 10 Errand Missions-20G

IT’S ALL IN THE WRISTS-Complete All 4 of the Carnival Games once-20G

TEACHER’S PET-Complete 6 Classes-20G

FRESHMAN-Complete Chapter 1-20G

SKIDMARK-Give 50 wedgies-25G

SMART MOUTH-Say 100 taunts-25G

WATCH YOUR STEP-Trip 25 people with marbles-20G

Not only is this game fun, but as you get going, the cheevz start rolling in! You can also stack all of your stats in the menu option, which really helps give you an idea of what is needed to unlock that next ch33v0. Most of the cheevos that I unlocked are either self explanatory, or story driven, which means a lot of cheev grinding. I will give you some tips to ease the harvest.

Skidmark, The Wheel Deal, Teacher's Pet, Boy Genius, and Helping Hand are just going to have to be done the old fashioned way. Anyway you want, no tips there. Smart Mouth is also another grind, but there is a tip that was featured in Ch33v0z in a minute! Click here to read about it. Watch Your Step doesn't take too long, and you can find marbles near the bus near the auto shop (it's the only bus in the game).

Soda 'Licious can be done by purchasing 100 sodas anywhere, but it's easiest after passing your Freshman year(first level), when the town opens up to you. If you make your way to a store, you can buy 100 sodas with the press of a button, which means you can buy them in bulk all at once. You can also purchase eggs at the store, which will be instrumental getting the Eggsellent cheevo!

It's All In The Wrists only states that you have to complete all 4 carnival games, not win them.

Black & White & Read All Over will take about 5-10 minutes. You have to complete all 5 paper route missions, and they are VERY easy. After you complete each mission, return to the $ on the map and start the next mission. The left trigger will lock on to the mail box, the right trigger will fire the paper. Hole in one, every time.

Lots of stuff this week, tons of ch33voz. It seems that Gamefly is paying off, and it's paying off in the sweetest currency(besides cash), teh ch33v0z. The Club seems to be a quick and easy way to harvest the cheevz, and as a bonus... it's actually kind of fun! I'm going to give my thumbs way up on both games from a cheevo perspective, and I think both are a lot of fun and should be given a try.

Next week will bring more Bully and The Club cheevos. I'm still working on GTA, and hopefully I I'll see something there(not likely). I'm also looking forward to the impending release of Ninja Gaiden II, which means I need to finish up these games and get them shipped back. The ch330vz await, can you handle them?

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