Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Passing Teh Ch33v0s On

Just letting the Ch33v0 community know that I ran into a young soul on Craigslist that is about to learn just how awesome ch33v0s are.

Being a person that occasionally botches a mod on a friends OG Xbox, sorry Zebra, I am always looking for a new one to replace my failed attempt at becoming that l337 hacker. That being said, I posted a wanted add on Craigslist for an original Xbox and I received numerous replies but one person caught my attention. Being cheap bastard, I was drawn to Bryce who was selling an Xbox with four controllers, four games, and all the fixins for 75 bucks. Being the swarthy business man that I am, I was able to talk him down to 50 then up to 60 for reasons that I still don't understand.

After a day of correspondence, I agreed to come and pick up my "new" old Xbox over E-mail and awaited his call on bated breath. This Xbox would be mine...

As he instructed, he called when he got out of school (in my mind this made him a year round college student), and I was surprised to hear a teenage boy on the other end of the phone.

"I'll let my mom give you the directions to my house..." is what he said and I immediately thought that Chris Hanson was standing next to him, coaxing me in.

After making sure that I had his mother's permission to but her son's Xbox, I headed over to Gilbert to pick it up. As my girlfriend gave me shitty, girl directions from my passengers seat, I arrived at this kids house to make my uncomfortable purchase.

This is when I learned that he's selling his OG Xbox so he can buy the chalked-full-of-Ch33v0 Xbox 360, pending his parents permission and how well he does in his algebra class.

Being a little weirded out by the situation, I just shoved money into his hands and grabbed the Xbox, not realizing that he could play his original Xbox games on his new 360. Also, I wanted to donate some of my 360 games to his collection, should the little bastard pass math.

So here is the relevance of this post on ch33v0.com, we all have games that we own for the 360 that we don't play, I'm looking at you Armored Core 4, so why not give this kid a ch33v0 boost? This kid has to live in a house where his mom gives sewing lessons to other kids! How do I know this? Because it was plastered across his mother's mini van and that shit just ain't right.

I'm ponying up two of my games so Bryce can join the ch33v0lution, who's with me?

Also, I haven't gotten a sweet, sweet ch33v0 in almost a month.



Interesting story. I like it. Very unusual concept.

First off, I have to say this: You are teh suck at modding. You eat much ass, and you suck the big cock.

Secondly, you are giving games with sweet unharvested cheevos to some kid? Are you fucking him? WTF is wrong with you? Sell that shit, bitch! He's not your son! GAS and games are expensive these days.

I do NOT endorse this course of action. Those ch33v0z could one day be harvested. However, you don't even play anymore. You should just give him your Xbox360, now THAT will be passing teh ch33v0z on.

Sell them, trade them, but do not give them away. You haven't even harvested them!!! For shame. Good post. Fucking Chomo.

CyanideChrist33 said...

Nice burn zebbra ninner. I agree fully. When did Dirkistopher join the "Make a ch33v come true" foundation anyway? Who cares about some little kid who can't pass algebra? Jeez.. i can't stress that shit enough when my ass is being handed to me in COD4 or teh Halo by 11 year old little shits.
("Go do your homework" or "You'll never get that job as a gynecologist playing xbox all day" are two of my favorite lines..) All i'm saying is that digg's is contributing to the delinquency of a minor by even THINKING about giving games to him.. That's almost as bad as fondling his balls with a controller. Plus this world needs more algebra majors and gynecologists.

B-crest, out!