Wednesday, February 25, 2009

This Week In Ch33v0z, The Good Night Sweet Prince Edition

The flood gates of cheeviness have reopened. As promised, of course... take that Obama! Anyway, I'm finally finished with Prince of Persia and thank god... that game tested my last nerve. So, without further ado, this week in ch33vz.

To be continued…-Congratulations, the game is complete..the story has only just begun...-80G

Speed Demon-Congratulations, you finished the game in under 12 hours-10G

Precious Time-Congratulations, you know when to stop-10G

From Darkness…Light!-Congratulations, you have reimprisoned Ahriman-30G

Explorer-Congratulations, you have explored the whole land-20G

Saviour of the City of Light-Congratulations, the world has been healed-50G

Traitor's End-Congratulations, you have killed the Alchemist-20G

Climbing to New Heights!-Congratulations, you have found the highest place in the world-10G

Light Seeds Hoarder-Congratulations, you have collected 600 Light Seeds-10G

Now who's the Hunter?-Congratulations, you have killed the Hunter-20G

Speed Kill-Congratulations, you have killed 10 enemies before they spawned-10G

Light Seeds Harvester-Congratulations, you have collected 500 Light Seeds-10G

In Harmony-Congratulations, you have learned to work with Elika-10G

Alchemist Special-Congratulations, you can dominate the Alchemist-20G

Death of a Warrior King-Congratulations, you have killed the Warrior-20G

Throw Master-Congratulations, you have mastered throwing enemies-10G

It's finally over. Not that the game is incredibly long, but the fact that it's not awesome makes it seem much longer. So I manged to slowly trudge my way through the game, and now I'm free of it. I banish thee to Gamefly land!

There are only a few cheevos you can miss in this game. The only two on this list are Precious Time and Speed Demon .

Speed Demon
requires that you finish the game within 12 hours, which should be easy for most because you want to finish this game as quickly as possible... because it's crap.

Precious Time
can be attained near the end of the game. *spoiler warning* When Elika dies at the end of the game, after a short cut scene you will be holding her in your arms. Just stay still for 60 seconds, get up and do something. The ch33v0 will unlock on it's own.

So that's about it for this game. I managed to finish it, and I'm glad I don't have to look at it again. I will say that there was potential for a good game there, but overall it turned out to rate as crap in my opinion. The one saving grace in this entire game? The cheevo payoff at the end. It's pretty substantial as you can see, so if there is a small desire to see this game to the end.

Oh, speaking of the end of this game... COMPLETE SHIT. The end of the game made everything you do in the game, pointless. IT WAS ALL FOR NOTHING! Crap ending.

That's it for this week. I've had F.E.A.R. Files for two weeks and have yet to crack the seal on the envelope! Hopefully I will delve into that game this week. I'm currently awaiting my next Gamefly shipment, and hopefully crossing my fingers for a chance to play Afro Samurai. Also, next week is the Halo Wars release week, so expect to see something on that in the near future! Cheev it up, my fellow cheev hounds!

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