Thursday, February 19, 2009

This Week In Ch33v0z, Please Sir, Can I Have Some More?

Ok, Ok... I know I said there would be change. I know I said we would get out of this bad ch33vonomy. However, like any other good politician I was lying. So, we are still lacking a flow of sweet cheevz. I will be playing more this week, and I've got a few ideas to harvest some cheevz. Now I just need something called "free time"... I know it exists, I just have to find it.

Light Seeds Locator-Congratulations, you have collected 400 Light Seeds-10G

Warrior Special-Congratulations, you have mastered fighting the Warrior-20G

Light Seeds Provider-Congratulations, you have collected 300 Light Seeds-10G

Hunter Special-Congratulations, you can deflect the Hunter's attacks-20G

Death of a Concubine-Congratulations, you have killed the Concubine-20G

This game is a no brainer. Most of these cheevs unlock with normal gameplay. I do want to note two specific cheevz.

Hunter Special and Warrior Special require you to do a QTE(quick time event) and hit a button. Hit the A button + up or down on the Left stick when fighting the Warrior. Hit the Right Trigger to deflect the block of the Hunter to unlock that specific cheev.

So I'm really bored with games right now. Not only that, but I'm super busy. Couple that with the fact that Prince of Persia was a game made for brain dead babies and you've got formula for a lackluster cheevo grab. Don't worry cheev hounds, I will open the floodgates of the cheev dam!

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CyanideChrist33 said...

So.. We meet again.. I'll be online by the end of next week so prepare for ULTIMATE CH33VOFF!! Or perhaps some good old fashioned zombie slaying. Your call.