Sunday, February 15, 2009

This Week In Ch33v0z, The Great Ch33vpression Edition

Ok, so this week my cheevo count is less than... impressive. That can be attributed to two things:
  1. I've been ridiculously busy with work and home life.
  2. When I DO play, I would rather play Call of Duty:WAW multiplayer
Anyway, now that I'm done making excuses, as you can see the cheevs did not flow. We are in a cheevonomic crisis. The cheevonomy is in peril, but as your Cheevident(it's like president for cheevos), I can promise that I will change that... it's time for a change... and change for the ch33v0.

Concubine Special-Congratulations, you kept your distance-20G

Light Seeds Collector-Congratulations, you have collected 200 Light Seeds-10G

Improviser-Congratulations, you used the environment to your advantage-10G

Deflect Master-Congratulations, you have mastered the art of Deflecting-20G

Good Company-Congratulations, you have an inquisitive mind-10G

So that's it for this week. This game could already by over with, but I'm taking my sweet ass time. It's ok, but don't buy it. EVER.

So that's it for this week. Short and not very sweet. The cheevo depression will end, as I vow to game this week! I'm also getting F.E.A.R. Files from Gamefly, so hopefully I will make some time to pop that game in. This week I plan to finish Prince Of Persia, and hopefully get something good from Gamefly! Until next week People of Ch33v0ria (still working on the name). Cheeveraria? Cheevugauy? Cheevbabwe? I'm open to suggestions.

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