Thursday, February 5, 2009

This Week In Ch33v0z, The Prince Of Persia Edition

Welcome fellow cheev-hounds, you have survived another week of sweet, sweet cheevin'. This week offered a welcome change of pace, I was hit with a new game from my Gamefly queue and bid a fond(not so fond) farewell to a sub-par game. Dig, my friends, dig deep into all the cheevy goodness.

Prince Of Persia

Block Master-Congratulations, you have mastered the art of Blocking-20G

Light Seeds Finder-Congratulations, you have collected 100 Light Seeds-10G

Getting to Know You-Congratulations, you are learning about Elika and her world-10G

Heal the Land-Congratulations, the first part of the world is healed-30G

Compass-Congratulations, Elika can now guide you-10G

Wallrunner-Congratulations, you have learned the basic moves-10G

Where's that Temple?-Congratulations, you have talked to Elika-10G

Saved!-Congratulations, you have unlocked Elika's saving ability-10G

Up against it-Congratulations, you have survived a close encounter-10G

Into the Storm…-Congratulations, you have started the adventure!-10G

So it's a new game! w00t for that! Though, as you might imagine it offers up some problems that I'm going to mention here.

First of all, you can't die. If you fall, you will be magically saved and returned to the last spot you were standing... which is handy if you get easily frustrated (that's me). So not much of a problem, but I can see all the other game nerds getting pissed about it's lack of "hardcoreness"... that's not a word.

The voice acting is crap! This game is supposed to be set in the middle east... Don't get me wrong, I'm glad it's in English, but they don't speak with accents! Well, let me restate that... they DO speak with accents, the same accent that Keanu Reeves has:

Prince- "Hey Elika, we should totally run up that wall over there... that would be frickin' sweet!"

Elika- "Like, totally! Let me just adjust my trendy hair and bare midriff and we'll do this shit!"

Prince- "This is tubular and gnarly, bro!"

Ok, so maybe I embellished a little bit, but you get my point.

The graphics a sweet though, and it's relatively enjoyable.

Finally, it gives up the cheevs like a cheap mexican hooker down at Gua Gua's Cantina. This game spreads them pretty easily, but it's guilty of having very unoriginal cheevo discription and the ulitmate sin of using the same picture for each cheev. Congratulations! Your is gay and so are the ch33v0 pics.

Do I have any tips for this game? Hell no! These cheevs just unlock. I actually got a cheevo for moving the left stick forward... WTF?

That's it folks! Pick up Prince of Persia(POP) if you want some easy cheevos are have kids that get frustrated easily... or if you get frustrated easily and act like a kid, then hit your mom with a taco. Anyway, look for some more POP cheevs next week, and hopefully a new game(hoping for Afro Samurai). Stay tuned, keep cheevin!

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