Monday, July 14, 2008

This Week In Ch33v0z, The Mixed Bag Edition Part 2

The obsession continues. Ch33v0z are a callin' and I'm answering that call. We've got a new game this week! Plus I finished up the boost-a-thon that was TimeShift Multiplayer. I worked some co-op cheevz this week, and locked up a ton of the sweetest ch330vz!

Mutant Storm Empire

Empire World 4-Complete World 4 on any difficulty-20G

Empire World 3-Complete World 3 on any difficulty-15G

Empire World 2-Complete World 2 on any difficulty-10G

Empire World 1-Complete World 1 on any difficulty-10G

2x Multiplier-Get the multiplier to x2 in Single Player-5G

Empire Level 1-Complete Level 1 on any difficulty-5G

Beastie Combo-Get a Beastie Combo by shooting a certain amount of only 1 type of beastie-5G

Mutant Storm goodness! That's right, I bought another Mutant Storm game! It's great! Classic arcade style top-down shooter, with online co-op (Now I just need some friends that will plop down the 800 MS points to play it with me). It's a lot of fun, and looks great.

Empire World 1-4 are pretty simple, just beat each of the 4 levels in each world. You can put the difficulty to easy, and still get the cheevoz.

Beastie Combo isn't hard, it's just not explained very well. Each enemy or "beastie" has a combo number. So, if you shoot one of the purple enemies in the very first section of the game, a number will pop up at the top of the screen. For example, after killing one of the purple beasties, the number 7 will pop up. That means you have to kill 7 more enemies of that color and type. As you kill them the number will drop. Use caution to avoid other beasties, killing a different beastie before reaching your goal number will void your attempt.

Empire Level 1 is the easiest of the ch33v0z. You'll get this one for completing the first level of the first world.


Seafood Buffet-Destroy 2500 Scorpios-20G

One Mind, Two Goals-Earn 20 silver or gold medals in Uberschizoid mode-20G

This is a great game, I can't say it enough. Uberschizoid mode is ridiculously hard but the challenge is fun. At press time, I'm ranked 109th in the world at Uberschizoid! w00t! I have been ranked as low as 83rd. On to the cheevz.

One Mind, Two Goals is a pretty difficult cheevo, but not entirely unattainable. You just have to get 20 medals in the uberschizoid mode. Bronze, silver or gold... any combination thereof.

Seafood Buffet will just happen with time. It actually shouldn't take you too long. Just play.


Twin Medal-Finish a zone in Co-op mode-20G

Speed Freak-Finish a zone in less than 15 minutes-20G

Twin Medal and Speed Freak can both be done on the first level. Just get a buddy to play through with you and don't dilly-dally, you'll have these two in a snap!

Burnout Paradise

Online Racer-Completed an online Race-10G

Criterion Fever-Caught Criterion Fever-20G

Just for Pics-Made Your First online Rival-10G

I'm sad to say, but Burnout is about at it's end of usefulness for my cheev harvest. There comes a time when you have to weigh out the pros vs. the cons. It's really a ch33v0/time invested ratio. I've snagged all the cheevz that this game warrants, if I want to get anymore I'll have to put some serious time into this game and I just don't like it enough to do that. Don't cry though, it's going to a better place... returned to Gamefly. I will give it another once over and possibly scoop up a couple more.

Online cheevz where the flavor of the week. These all took about 10 minutes, and should be easy to get.

Online Racer basically just completing one race. Easy enough.

Just For Pics is making a rival. So, basically someone has to crash into you and get a takedown, they also have to have a camera attached. It happened to me while I wasn't paying attention.

Criterion Fever is a "Viral cheevo" which means that you spread it. So, I took down a person that had the cheevo, and therefore was awarded the same cheev. Now if someone takes me down, they'll get it... and so on, and so on.


TimeShift Champion-Won 100 multiplayer games-50G

TimeShift Veteran-Played 100 multiplayer games-25G

Did I Do That?-Scored a Fury Kill-30G

Have It Your Way-Hosted and completed 10 games with custom presets-10G

MVP-Captured 25 flags in Capture the Flag-20G

Are You Cheating?-Score 30 headshots with any weapon in multiplayer games-20G

Boy in the Bubble-Scored 30 kills while trapped in a Time Grenade-30G

Yoink!-Retrieved 50 flags in Capture the Flag-20G

…Is On Your Side-Killed 50 opponents in Time Grenades or Time Fields-25G

Anytime, Anyplace-Won a Ranked match on every map-25G

Jack of All Frags-Won a Ranked match in every game mode-25G

Nuclear Winter Wonderland-Won a Ranked Meltdown Madness game by at least 30 seconds-25G

King Me!-Won a Ranked King of Time game by at least 5 points-25G

It's time to bid a fond farewell to TimeShift, for it's been sent back to Gamefly! I'll always remember the good times. The action packed, challenging, and very fun single player... and the hours of boosting multiplayer! Memories... misty water colored memories!!! Ok, I've gotten something in my eye... let's get to the cheevz.

Ok, lots of these are pretty well described in the cheevo descriptions. The user interface for setting up matches kind of blows, so getting this all down to a science is going to take a while. First thing you'll need to know is that you need a partner for boosting. Just one person will do!

Anytime, Anyplace and Jack Of All Frags should be done first. Piece of advice, write down all the maps and whether you've played on them or not. Going back and replaying maps that you "think you've played" blows. Get it done right the first time and write it down! You'll also want to make the score level (that's the number you need to hit to WIN the match) at 1. There are a total of 14 maps with the standard disc and 6 different gametypes. Have at it folks.

... Is On Your Side, Boy In The Bubble, and Are You Cheating? should be done in conjunction. Here is the most effecient way to do it: Throw a time grenade and step inside the time bubble, go for a head shot. Wash, rinse, reapeat. You can also other cheevz like Yoink! into the mix.

Have It Your Way is easy, but you must remember that the matches have to be "player matches" and not "ranked matches".

Did I Do That? is the hardest cheevo in the multiplayer, even if you are boosting(unless you have 5 other people playing TimeShift, in which case you should call Guiness World Records... because that's got to be some kind of milestone). You have to get a fury kill. That is 5 kills in 15 seconds. With two people it's doable, and the game will notify you of your progress as you are getting kills.

With two people this can be done on the first map (MP1). You have to set the kills to "instakill" and set the respawn to instant. Also, make the starting weapon the carbine. The player getting the kills will stand in the small room along the wall... it has a red light and a ladder. Face your character to the end of the alley. The second player will walk to the entrance of that alley, and you will shoot him as soon as he comes into view. Set your score to win at 25 or so. Good Luck.

You should also keep in mind that each of these games played will count to your TimeShift Veteran and TimeShift Champion cheevos. Once you have reached all other goals, set up a small map (MP1) and set the score to win at 1, with instakills and no warmup. This will expedite your win numbers.

Well, as you can see the the Ch33v-rush continues. I'm doing what I can, and getting cheevz in the process! Look for new games next week, both in the arcade and from Gamefly! I've got my eye on Lost Via Domus, because I've heard it's a quick and dirty 1000 points! Keep your eyes open cheevo miners, thar be ch33vz en them thar hills!

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