Tuesday, July 8, 2008

This Week In Ch33v0z, The Majestic Ch33v0 Falls Edition

That's right folks, I unleashed a fury of the sweetest cheevos you could imagine. The list is long, strong, and I'm down to get some friction on*. This week brought 2 new arcade games, the long awaited Schizoid and the newly discovered Mutant Storm Reloaded. I also embarked on some sweet ass boosting in Timeshift Multiplayer with fellow ch33v0 farmer, Pepsi3. Sit back and enjoy the cheevz.

Mutant Storm Reloaded

Tally Mode completed-Complete all 89 levels in Tally Mode-15G

Adventure Mode completed-Complete all 89 levels in Adventure Mode-15G

Green Belt-Get the difficulty to Green Belt-15G

Orange Belt-Get the difficulty to Orange Belt-10G

Yellow Belt-Get the difficulty to Yellow Belt-10G

4x Multiplier-Get the multiplier to x4-10G

2x Multiplier-Get the multiplier to x2-5G

This is a great game, that I've been having a lot of fun with. That sad thing is that this particular arcade game was one of the launch downloads for arcade back in 2006. It's been sitting there, this whole time and I knew nothing of it. Just another reason why the marketplace needs a way to sort XBLA titles. Anyway, on to the cheevz!

You begin with a white belt(just like in martial arts) that designates what difficulty you are playing at. When you reach the 20th room, you will unlock the Yellow Belt cheevo and difficulty level. Restart your game at level one, and choose this higher difficulty, make it to level 20 and you'll unlock the next cheevo and level... wash, rinse, repeat.

Tally Mode Completed and Adventure Mode Completed require that complete each of the 89 levels in their respective game modes. Not hard to do, but it's a lot of gameplay. Just play through the game and you'll get both of them.

2X Multiplier is very easy to get. You will have a multiplier bar on your screen, the more enemies you kill the more the bar fills up. Get to 2x multiplier, finish the level and you unlock this cheev. Caution: losing a life starts your multiplier bar at 0. 4X Multiplier is the same thing, but much harder because it will taking you a lot longer to fill the bar after it reaches 2x.


Playing The Field-Play a game in each mode - Xbox LIVE, Local Co-Op, Wingman Bot Training, and Uberschizoid-15G

21st Century Schizoid Man-Complete level 21 ("Tyger Tyger") either in Local Co-Op, Xbox LIVE, or Uberschizoid-15G

Schizoid Sensei-Earn 10 medals (any combination of gold, silver, and bronze) over Xbox LIVE-20G

Flitt Breeder-Get a gold medal on level 5 ("My Man Flitt") without destroying any Flitts-10G

Sploderific-Destroy all enemies on level 12 ("Smartbomb") with a single smartbomb-10G

Wired-Destroy an enemy with a razorwire-10G

I've been waiting for this game ever since I heard about it over a year ago. Schizoid is billed as "The Most C0-0p Game Ever", which roughly translated means: "ZEBRA NINER MUST BUY THIS GAME". I love co-op games, that's what I love most about video games... it makes me happy. The only thing that makes me happier are games with co-op cheevoz, and this one is chock full of them! w00t!

Most of the cheevz descriptions in this game are self explanatory. and 21st Century Schizoid Man and Wired are just going to happen while playing this game.

Sploderific, while also being a ch33v0 named by a blogger on one of my favorite Xbox sites, is really easy to get. Just make sure that before you detonate the smart bomb, you and your wingman are as close to the enemies as possible, and that you are close to each other(physically, not emotionally... that's your own business).

Flitt Breeder is easiest when done with a competent co-op partner, or like me, in Uberschizoid mode(control both ships with one controller). Just don't kill any of the enemies, and avoid getting hit. All red and blue enemies will turn into yellow flitts, giving you a cheevo.

Playing The Field is one of the easier cheevz to get. It requires that you play one level in each mode. The first level will do fine. Just load up each mode and play one level, you'll need two controllers to play local co-op mode.

Assault Heroes

Assault Hero-Complete the game-30G

Peace Maker-Finish a zone killing less than 50% of the enemies-20G

Small Arms Expert-Finish a zone without using grenades or nukes-20G

Unstoppable-Finish a zone without losing a life-10G

The great thing about this game, is that ALL of the cheevz can be unlocked on the easiest difficulty. So put it on easy to get these cheevz, yeah it's cheap, but it's all about the sweet ch33v0z.

Small Arms Expert and Unstoppable can be snagged on the same playthrough, just play from the beginning of zone 1 on easy difficulty. Make sure not to die or use your grenades or nukes, stay in your vehicle and keep moving!!!

Peacemaker is actually VERY easy. Load up area 4 of zone 1, take care to avoid all enemies that you can(you'll have to kill some of them). Once you destroy the large mechanical wall, you'll finish the zone.

Burnout Paradise

Rampage!-Got a Takedown Rampage-20G

Daredevil-Land a 2 barrel roll jump-25G

Boosting Around the World-Got a x20 Boost Chain-25G

Watt?-Time Road Rule beaten on Watt St-10G

These a few of the trickier cheevz that I've come across in this game.

Watt? is probably the easiest, first thing you need to do is find Watt St. It's near the very first junkyard in the game. Once you find the street, push up on the D-pad until it shows you the road rules time for Watt St. Make sure you have a fast car, gain some speed and head down Watt St. Head all the way down the road and try to beat the time that at the top of the screen. Should only take one or two tries.

Rampage is attained in a Road Rage event. You'll need to choose the heaviest and strongest car you have. It's simple if you are careful, all you have to do is hit 10 cars in a row without being taken down or crashing. It must also be done in short order, there can't be a lot of time in between take downs.
Boosting Around The World is actually pretty easy, but you need a steady hand and some patience. Grab a speed car and head to the baseball stadium, it's in the lower right corner of your map. Push left or right on the left stick, hit the boost and do a burnout. Hold the position, and the X button all the way to the end of your boost... this should give you another full boost bar. Get to a 20x multiplier and you'll have the cheev!
Daredevil is going to take the right car, and some luck. I found that the pink 1957 Cadillac was the most agile in the air, and provided enough spin to get me the cheev. Grab a stunt class car and head to the ramps at the beach. It's near the first junkyard, upper right corner of the map.


TimeShift Multiplayer Ch33v0z:

Keep Away!-Won a Ranked Capture the Flag game without the other team capturing your flag-25G

Bullets Are Expensive-Whacked 25 opponents with melee attacks in multiplayer games-20G

Berserker-Went on a Reaper Spree-30G

Not Even Close-Won a Ranked 1v1 game without dying once-25G

The First of Many-Won a Ranked match-10G

I Don't Rent, I Own-Won a Ranked Deathmatch game by at least 5 kills- 25G

There were so many cheevos I had to break this one into a two parter! Unfortunately, TimeShift multiplayer is a ghost town. Luckily a friend has the game as well, so boost we shall!

Host a game, and set your presets to match what you want. You can set the score limit or time limit, which will make farming these cheevz out much quicker. For example: Set a 1 vs. 1 match to a score limit of 1 kill... after the first kill you'll unlock the Not Even Close and The First Of Many cheevos at once. Try to combine as many as you can.

Berserker is accomplished by getting a kill streak of 25. Play a small map, let one person get to 25 then switch... these have to be in a row! May as well make all of the kills melee kills and snag the Bullets Are Expensive cheev while you are at it.

You get the idea... now get to it.

TimeShift Single Player Campaign Ch33v0z:

You're It-Tagged 15 enemies with Clutch Grenades-10G

Beginner's Luck-Completed a level without dying on Casual difficulty-15G

That Guy Is Swift-Completed a level without dying on Skilled difficulty-25G

Death-Proof-Completed a level without dying on Elite difficulty-35G

Alpha District Revisited-Casual-Completed Act 6 "Alpha District Revisited" on Casual difficulty-40G

Alpha District Revisited-Skilled-Completed Act 6 "Alpha District Revisited" on Skilled difficulty-55G

Alpha District Revisited-Elite-Completed Act 6 "Alpha District Revisited" on Elite difficulty-70G

Airborne - Casual-Completed Act 5 "Airborne" on Casual difficulty-10G

Airborne - Skilled-Completed Act 5 "Airborne" on Skilled difficulty-15G

Airborne - Elite-Completed Act 5 "Airborne" on Elite difficulty-20G

Munitions Plant - Casual-Completed Act 4 "Munitions Plant" on Casual difficulty-10G

Munitions Plant - Skilled-Completed Act 4 "Munitions Plant" on Skilled difficulty-15G

Munitions Plant - Elite-Completed Act 4 "Munitions Plant" on Elite difficulty-20G

The Forgotten - Casual-Completed Act 3 "The Forgotten" on Casual difficulty-10G

The Forgotten - Skilled-Completed Act 3 "The Forgotten" on Skilled difficulty-15G

The Forgotten - Elite-Completed Act 3 "The Forgotten" on Elite difficulty-20G

Not a lot of tips for these, other than being a bad ass mo fo. Just play through on the hardest difficulty and get r done.

That is it! If you can believe it! Ch33v0z rain from the heavens. Next week look for more ch33vz from TimeShift, Burnout, Schizoid and maybe even a new game! I've got my eye on a few XBLA games. I'm off to the cheevo grind, I'll see you next week!

*Hey, you made it to the bottom! Tell me what this reference is and I'll give you a cookie... well, an E-cookie.

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pepsi3 said...

Ur talkin to the master of figuring out song lyric quotations... and the song in reference is "Baby Got Back" by Sir Mixalot... one of the OG's of Back Door Bandits ;)

Case in point, time shift cheevo farming was actually kinda fun, rather than the game play, figuring out HOW TO unlock the cheevs was the "game" part of the playing it in MP. Cheers to more cheevs to be unlocked in the future!

*Even whiteboy's got to shout!