Wednesday, October 15, 2008

This Week In Ch33v0z, The Unreal Castle Humans Edition

The downpour of holiday games is upon us, this can be considered the calm before the storm. My 360 is currently whisking its way back to my arms, via UPS. It's cheeving days are far from over. Ok, so on to the cheev news! Got some time in on Unreal Tournament 3 and even some co-op in Too Human! Continue reading for all the cheevy goodness.

Too Human

Teamwork Takedown-In co-op one player must destroy the troll's chest armor and the other must mount kill-10G

Feeder of Ravens-Kill 10,000 enemies-10G

Valkyrie's Folly-Died 100 times-5G

Back on the level grinding trail of Too Human! That's right, dungeon crawling and searching for loot. And would you look at that... a few ch33v0z too! This week I've delved into a little bit of co-op with my consummate gaming buddy and ch33v0 enthusiast, Mike53414.

Valkyrie's Folly and Feeder of Ravens will both come with time. Just keep playing and both will unlock eventually.

Teamwork Takedown was a little more tricky. Supposedly, one player must knock the chest armor off a troll, while the other mounts and kills it. This sounds ok, but we just couldn't get it to work properly. Finally, after giving up, we managed to unlock it by accident. Don't ask me how, because I took the armor off and mounted him myself... so who knows?

Unreal Tournament 3

Untouchable-Reached 20 kills against a god-like bot in instant action without dying-20G

Soldier's blood-Completed Chapter 2-30G

Lock and Load-Completed Chapter 1-10G

Unreal Tournament 3... first off I want to say that I'm glad I didn't buy this game. It's boring, and not that much fun. Touted as "Gears Of War on crack" by the developers, (I'm starting to agree with that). Have you ever seen what crack does to a person? Not so good. Same with this game... not so good. The campaign story sucks, and the actual gameplay is just one EXTREMELY long string of bot matches. Nothing to hold my interest... already sent back to Gamefly.

Lock and Load and Soldier's Blood come with normal gameplay, but I will say the number of BOT matches that you have to endure in between seem endless.

Untouchable would normally be really tough, but someone figured out a cheap ass way to scoop up this normally hard cheevo. Check this video for the details.

Castle Crashers

Animal Handler-Collect all the animals-20G

I love Castle Crashers. That's it. It's great.

So Mike53414 and I spent some time, searching around the game and Internet. We found all the locations for the little animal orbs that the game has, thus netting us the Animal Handler cheevo. Very prized... very prized. Here is a pretty comprehensive list of locations.

So that's it for this week. I'm looking at Dead Space, and gearing up for Fable 2. Hopefully I'll get some good games from Gamefly, considering I sent back UT3 and Alone in the Dark. I'll also give you the update on my 360 repair, considering the insane turn around time... think it will come back broken? Tune in next week to find out!

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CyanideChrist33 said...

Oh come now... Unreal isn't that bad. Especially if you've got a buddy to play it with. Oh, and I'll have you know that I'll be back in the saddle in a few weeks, so we'll have to get up on some Ch33v harvesting. Until next time!