Thursday, October 30, 2008

This Week In Ch33v0z, The Special Extended Fable 2 Edition

It's all about Fable II these days. So many cheevos were unlocked this week! I actually created a separate Week In Cheevz recap just for my Fable cheevos! Make to check out the regular week in ch33v0z on the normal post, here.

The ch33v0z for Fable 2 are interesting, in that many can be attained for two players at a time. That means that theoretically, you can just piggy back on someone else's cheevo! Interesting idea, does it work? Meh... kinda. The cheevo descriptions also change once unlocked, which is kind of cool. I would like to thank Mike53414 for the hook up on some sweet ass cheevz.

Fable II

The Duellist-You, or a friend, have mastered the chain attack. Lightning-quick strikes are almost unstoppable-10G

The Dollcatcher-You, or a friend, collected all the Hero dolls. Shame you can't auction them off now-10G

The Gargoyle-You uncovered the gargoyles' treasure. The cheeky rocks have mocked you for the last time-25G

The Ruler of Albion-There is no richer Hero in the whole of Albion!-100G

The Party Animal-You, or a friend, spread the joy (and pain) of intoxication to five people in under three minutes-10G

The Celebrity-You, or a friend, are the most famous person in Albion. Heroes deserve to be celebrities!-50G

The Cliff Diver-You, or a friend, plunged an incredible 500 feet off a cliff. Heights hold no fears for Heroes-5G

The Sacrifice-The Needs of the Many' has sacrificed loved ones so that many more will live-25G

The Egomaniac-The Needs of the One' has condemned thousands to death for nothing but gold-25G

The Family-The Needs of The Few' has condemned thousands to death so that loved ones might live-25G

The Hero of Skill-You were there when the Hero of Skill was recruited-100G

The Black Knight-You have turned hollow man-killing into an artform. Turns out it wasn't a flesh wound-10G

The Paragon-You, or a friend, have taken morality to its utmost extreme. Neutral Heroes are so boring-15G

The Hero of Will-You were there when the Hero of Will was recruited-100G

The Extremist-You, or a friend, have taken purity or corruption to its utmost extreme-15G

The Illustrated Hero-Tattoos are forever. Just like this achievement-5G

The Menace To Society-You, or a friend, committed an act of public indecency. Oh, the shame of it-5G

The Artisan-You, or a friend, showed what it takes to be a model employee-10G

The Goth-Everybody knows black is the coolest colour-5G

The Muse-The whole of Albion has heard the songs you've commissioned about yourself. Show-off-5G

The Bigamist-Marriage is so great, one might as well do it twice!-10G

The Romantic-You, or a friend, organised the perfect date. Let's hope it was worth the trouble-10G

The Swinger-You went to bed with more than one person and... Well, why do you think we blacked out the screen?-5G

The Teaser-Bandits deserve having their minds messed with, and it's also jolly good fun!-5G

The Sharpshooter-You, or a friend, hit three targets with one shot. Reaver himself would be envious-10G

The Hunter-So, proud of yourself? Big brave hunter killed an innocent rabbit? How do you sleep at night?-5G

The Archmage-Five human enemies were killed with one magnificent spell-10G

Ok, so it's a bunch of cheevos. There are a couple of spoilers in there, so I'll leave them to last. This is one of the best games I've played in a long time, and I'm having a lot of fun with it. That being said, here is how I hooked up some of the more elusive cheevz.

The Dollcatcher is one of the more difficult cheevoz. It requires you to collect 6 different dolls to unlock it. The catch is that each gamertag can only unlock one of the dolls, requiring you to trade with other people via XBOX live. Tricky, since you have to put your trust in some people. Buy, borrow, or trade your way to this cheevo. You can win your own doll by getting a score of 150 at the shooting range in Westcliff.

The Hunter is stupid and I don't understand why they put it in the game. Basically, you just have to kill a rabbit. Not hard. However, they don't explain that you have to turn the "safety" off in your game. To disable the safeguard, push down on the d-pad and blast that little hopping bastard.

The Black Knight is a reference to a Monty Python movie. You'll find yourself a hollowman, shoot his hands off and then pop him in the head. Just make sure you have your "skill level" high enough to enable the precision shooting, otherwise you can't even attempt this one.


The Sacrifice, The Family, and The Egomaniac can all be scored at once... kind of. These cheevos deal directly with the end of the story. You'll be given three choices, each has it's own cheevo. Just quit to the dashboard after the cheevo unlocks, and reload the section. Bring a friend along for the ride and double up on the fun!

The Cliff Diver can only be achieved in one place(that I know of). This will be done on the pirate/treasure quest that you can get in the bar in Bloodstone. Just follow the bread crumb trail.

So that's Fable cheevoz for this week. I only have 4 left, and unfortunately they may stay that way. Currently Fable 2 is under some scrutiny by the community for requiring you buy the Fable Pub Games to unlock one of the cheevos. I'm not going to spend $10 on a game I'll never play for a measly 50 points. Drama aside, the real reason I won't be getting to them is because I'm buried under content. Dead Space, Star Wars, and Fallout 3 are currently filling my plate, so time for games is getting slim. Not only that, but next week is the release of the much anticipated Gears of War 2!

Too many games, not enough time. Check the regular post for my weekly cheev haul! I've got two new games and a bunch of new cheevos!

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