Wednesday, October 22, 2008

This Week In Ch33v0z, My Cup Runneth Over Edition

Wow. Just wow. It's come to that time of year again. The "Holiday season" as people in the know call it. I've just been buried by the first wave of new games, and I can't imagine how I'm going to make it out from underneath all of this. So this week I started Dead Space and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed that I got from Gamefly. I also started a new released game... maybe you've heard of it? That's right, Fable II. My cup runneth over with potential cheevo opportunities, but can I tear myself away from the time stealer that is Fable?

Dead Space

Dead On Arrival-Complete Chapter 1 on any difficulty setting-20G

Marksman-Dismember 20 Limbs-5G

This is a sweet ass game! It's scary, gory, filled with action and it's fun! To this point, my only regret is that I've not given it enough time. Neglect shall be it's middle name.

Not much to explain for the cheevoz, but I'll get back to you on the rest.

Fable II

The Companions-You performed a perfect co-op expression. Isn't it nice playing together?-10G

The Philanthropist-A gift was sent to an Xbox LIVE friend. Aren't Heroes nice people?-10G

The Hero of Strength-You were there when the Hero of Strength was recruited-100G

The Parent-You, or a friend, have contributed to the population of Albion-10G

The Spouse-You, or a friend, got married! You don't remember the wedding night? You were probably drunk-10G

The Persuader-You, or a friend, convinced someone to hand over a present0-5G

The Chicken Kicker-You, or a friend, kicked a poor, defenceless chicken. Good thing they have reinforced feathers-5G

The Workhorse-There is nothing more fulfilling than doing one's job well-10G

The Dog Trainer-Your dog, or another Hero's, has one more trick in his repertoire-5G

The Double Threat-You achieved a co-op combat bonus-10G

The Rogue-You, or a friend, managed to steal something from a house while people stood nearby-5G

The Hero of Many Names-You, or a friend, changed titles. We still know who you really are. No one hides from us-5G

The New Hero-Thag the Impatient has been defeated. Albion has a new Hero-50G

The Pooch Pamperer-You, or your friend, played fetch with the dog. That little fellow just loves to play-5G

The Archaeologist-You, or a friend, excavated a site discovered by the dog and found something-5G

The Pied Piper-You, or a friend, threw a really swinging party. No one spreads joy like a Hero-10G

The Show-off-You, or a friend, performed a perfect expression and impressed a villager. Heroes are such a posers-5G

The Whippersnapper-A child Hero collected five gold pieces for a fateful purpose-25G

This game is just great. It's one of those fantastic, time stealing games that you can't seem to stop playing... even when you want to. It contains all the things I love about open world/RPG games... hookers. Oh, and something about leveling up and characters... meh.

Most of these cheevos are pretty self explanatory. A couple require some explaining.... and a few I have no fucking clue.
The Companions shouldn't be too hard to get, basically you and a friend have to perform an expression, hold it, and both finish in the optimal green zone. I'm not going to get into how to do the expression, but that's how you get the cheevo.

The Chicken Kicker is not one of my favorite cheevos. Personally, I would rather kick a baby than a chicken, but hey... it's not my game. So, I'm not sure how many chickens you have to kick, but I got mine around 10.
The Hero Of Many Names is really easy. The first time you come into a town, seek out the "Town Crier" and change your name to something else. Booyah, unlocked.

The Pied Piper is a bit time consuming but pretty easy, and can be attained pretty early in the game. Just go near a few people and start hitting your expressions. Just keep doing it until you get a good sized crowd.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Oh... no cheevos? That's right, it's actually sitting on the desk, collecting dust. Sorry folks out there that want to rent Dead Space and Star Wars, Fable is just too good!

So that's it for this week. Look out for some more cheevz next week as I actually dive into my other games. Welcome to the tidal wave that is the holiday... as I call it, the cheevadays.

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