Thursday, August 7, 2008

This Week In Ch33v0z, The Battlefield: Bad Geometry Wars

Cheevtastic isn't a word that's thrown around lightly... actually, it's not even a word, but I digress... This week was full of sweet cheevz, and something that I found surprising, a good game. That's right, in the middle of all this cheevo harvesting, it's easy to forget that some games are actually good. This brings me to my new game this week, Battlefield: Bad Company. I did manage to get in a couple of games of Geometry Wars 2, and that's about it. Get ready for your lesson in cheevz.

Geometry Wars 2

Phobia-Score 1,000 points in Waves without collecting any geoms-15G

Slalom-Chain together 5 gates in 5 seconds. Crossing at least one gate every second-15G

Geometry Wars 2, more modes than the last, twice as fun... and some great cheevoz. This week I managed to grab two sweet cheevz.

Slalom is done in Pacifism mode. The best way to get this one is to fly your ship around, avoiding enemies and gates, for about 20 seconds. When the gates start to pile up, try to hit a cluster and get 5 at once. Warning: avoid the yellow ends of the gates, they will kill you!

Phobia is actually pretty easy. This one is done in the Waves mode, and you just have to kill as many enemies as you can while avoiding the little geoms(the little yellow shapes that appear after destroying an enemy). Once you hit 1000 points, the cheev will unlock.

Battlefield: Bad Company

Be the best-Placed #1 in a Ranked Match-20G

Catch The 'Bad' Moment-Took 3 pictures using the image system-15G

Master Sergeant-Reached Rank 8-15G

With My Devil Dogs-Used Squad in the menu, found a friend and played one round-15G

Here is your DD-214-Completed 'Ghost Town' on hard-30G

One In a Million-Hit hostile helicopter with laser designator-20G

Capitalist pigs, very nice-Completed 'Crash and Grab' on hard-25G

On Top of The World-Climbed to the highest spot in the game-20G

Russia?-Completed 'Air Force One' on hard-25G

Death From Above-Killed 25 enemies in a helicopter-20G

The Anti-Mechanic-Destroyed 50 vehicles. (containing enemy AI)-20G

Been There, Drove That!-Drove all vehicle types (Jeep, Tank, Heli, Boat)-20G

Cart Wheels-Completed 'Par for the Course' on hard-25G

Half way thru-Found half of all collectables-20G

Say goodbye to the gold!-Completed 'Crossing Over' on hard-25G

Dog owner!-Collected 5 unique dog tags-20G

Specialist-Reached Rank 3-10G

Get me started-Played one complete ranked online match-15G

Where are they going so fast?-Completed 'Acta Non Verba' on hard-25G

Manic Lumberjack-Knocked down a small forest-15G

The Hypochondriac-Used auto Injector 50 Times-20G

Home Wrecker-Destroyed 200 Walls-15G

You found it you keep it-Found 5 unique collectables-15G

I Love Gold!-Found one gold bar-10G

Action, not words!-Completed 'Welcome To Bad Company' on hard-25G

Killer on the loose-Killed 25 enemies-25G

So Battlefield: Bad Company, what can I say? I played in the beta test, and I didn't like it. I thought it was boring and had some fundamental flaws. I chose to skip the purchase when it originally released. Luckily, with Gamefly, I'm able to give games a second chance. They have fixed some of the issues that I had originally, and of course it's still not perfect... but its' fun as hell. Get a group of friends together and form a squad, and fun will be had by all. The game doesn't take itself to seriously, and you get to kill people.

Most of the cheevos are pretty self explanatory. I have one HUGE problem with the ch33v0z in this game. Each level will reward you with a cheevo unlock, there is a cheevo for finishing the level on hard and also for normal. This is not uncommon in games, but what is uncommon is that the cheevos are not "stack-able". Which means you'll have to play the game once on hard and once on normal. NOT GOOD PROGRAMMING!

Be The Best is one that I'm proud of. In a ranked match, be the top player of the game... that's right, top score for both teams! No tips, just luck (or skill).

Catch The 'Bad' Moment is also very easy. Get into a multiplayer game, push up on the d-pad at anytime to get a screen shot. You'll see a message indicating that it's being uploaded. You'll have to wait a few seconds before it's ready to snap another shot. Do this 3 times to score the cheev.

With My Devil Dogs involves you inviting a friend to play a match. Once the round is completed, the cheevo will unlock.

One In a Million should be done in the last level. I'm sure there are other ways, but this seems the easiest. You can do it on easy difficulty if you want, I did it on Hard because I'm a bad ass. There is a chopper at the end of the mission, it will fly from point to point, stopping to shoot. Use your the laser designator at the end of the pier to paint the target. You should target the chopper while it's in motion, this should allow you a few seconds of time to get your bomb on target.

On Top of The World can be attained on the "Cash and Grab" level, A.K.A. "The Monastery Level". Get to the monastery, find your squad and after the cut-scene head up the stairs of the monastery. Here is a video.

Dog Owner is one of the more irritating cheevoz. Not because it's difficult, but because the knifing button layout and game mechanic are so screwed up. I'm not going to get into the issue I have, but if you've ever play COD4 you'll understand. Just knife five enemies to get their dog tags. Remember, it has to be 5 unique enemies (so no knifing your friends over and over!).

So that's about it for this week. I am still sitting on Kane and Lynch, and hopefully I can power through that this weekend. Look for some more Battlefield cheevoz. There is an open call for Kane and Lynch multiplayer cheevo boosting for the weekend, so if you have the game and are ready to get your cheev on, send the ol' ZN a message. Good luck, and let the cheevz be with you.

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