Thursday, August 14, 2008

This Week In Ch33v0z, The Battlefield Is The Bomb Edition

Another week brings another fresh crop of sweet cheevoz. I was able to round up some more in Geometry Wars 2, a few in Battlefield: Bad Company, and my final cheevoz in the crapfest that is Kane and Lynch: Dead Men.

Geometry Wars 2

Surf-Dodge 8 lines of enemies in Waves without firing a shot, or destroying any enemies-15G

Millionaire-Score at least 1,000,000 points in all single player modes-15G

Another week with the fun, challenging, and frustrating Geometry Wars 2. No real tips for these cheevz, just some patience and a little bit of luck. Damn you to hell GEO WARS!

Kane & Lynch: Dead Men

Return to Sender-Throw back enemy grenades-10G

Boomstick-Shotgun messiah-20G

Teflon-Avoid damage on a level-20G

Pushblade Symphony-Points for getting up close and personal-20G

Sun Tzu-Let your crew do the dirty work-20G

Damned if you do-Let them burn-20G

Iron Flower-Complete the game on hard-50G

Damned if you don't-No rest for the wicked-30G

This bad boy is on it's way back to Gamefly! Thank god! I had to take a week of from playing it, because it got kind of boring. Let me just say that for a third person shooter, it's mediocre. The online play and lack of online co-op make me hate this game. The controls do not lend themselves well to multiplayer.

Boomstick, Return To Sender, and Pushblade Symphony just require repeating the same action a certain number of times. Not hard, can be done on any levels.

Sun Tzu can be done on any level where you have a full crew, I did it on the Reyemoto level. Just push the Y button and make your crew do all the killing. Just to make it easy, set the level to "Aspirin".

Damned If You Do and Damned If You Don't are rewarded for choosing one of the two endings. Instead of having to play the last level twice, just (spoiler alert) choose to abandon your comrades and leave in the chopper with Jenny. When the cheevo unlocks, pause the game and restart the scene, then choose to help them.

Battlefield Bad Company

Drive By-100 kills using vehicle-25G

Never Used a Door-Destroyed 1000 walls-15G

Staying Alive-Completed one mission without dying (any difficulty)-15G

Always get paid in gold bars-Completed 'Welcome To Bad Company' on normal-15G

The sleeper hit, I'm still having tons of fun with this game. So much fun in fact I bought the game from Gamefly. Which was pleasant and easy. My Battlefield case and new rental game are already in the mail!

All the cheevos are pretty self explainatory. Good times are had by all!

That's it for this week. Yes, it was a bit lighter than I'm used to, but all of my gaming attention is wrapped up in Battlefield. Stay tuned for new games! Frontlines: Fuel of War is my next Gamefly pick, and another unannounced game will be speeding towards my mailbox soon (crosses fingers for Civilization Revolution or Viking!). Next week also brings a newly released game, Too Human! I'll have my hands full for the next couple of weeks! Let the cheevz flow!

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