Thursday, November 6, 2008

This Week In Ch33v0z, The Fallout Unleashed Edition

Cheevos for one, cheevos for all. This week has brought some cheevoz, as I grind my way through games. Star Wars has paid out, but the points yield low. Not to mention Fallout 3 is a fantastic game, with tons of things to do... but the cheevos are SO tight. Let's see what this week brought!

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Rebel Leader-Defeat 500 Imperials-15G

Infestation-Complete Level - Felucia, act 2-10G

Legend-Earn 600,000 Force Points on a single level-25G

The Bigger They Are-Defeat 6 Rancors-15G

Skyhook-Complete Level - Kashyyyk, act 2-10G

Expert-Earn 500,000 Force Points on a single level-10G

Vapor Room-Complete Level - Cloud City, act 2-10G

Empirical-Complete Level - Empirical, act 2-10G

Cannon Fodder-Defeat 150 Stormtroopers-15G

Force Grip Mastery-Defeat 500 enemies with Force Grip-20G

Jedi Hunt-Complete Level - Felucia, act 1-10G

Shocked-Defeat 100 enemies with Force Lightning-5G

Junkyard-Complete Level - Raxus Prime, act 1-10G

Bully-Defeat 25 Ugnaughts or Jawas-15G

I have one gripe with the cheevoz for this game. They all involve completing chapters or doing something a certain number of times. No real skill required, just play the game, beat the levels and kill stuff.

Oh, and 5 point cheevoz suck.

Fallout 3

Galaxy News Radio-Completed "Galaxy News Radio"-20G

Psychotic Prankster-Placed a grenade or mine while pickpocketing-10G

Following in His Footsteps-Completed "Following in His Footsteps"-20G

This game is my new crack. I'm totally engrossed in the world of the game, the characters and stories within that world and the gameplay. It's fun and I really love to play. Most of the cheevos are tied to missions, each which can be relatively long.

So you may have noticed this post is a bit late. Well, that's due to Gears of War 2, which took up most of my weekend. Be on the lookout for next weeks Gears of War extravaganza of cheevos!

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