Friday, November 14, 2008

Special Gears Of War 2 Ch33v0 Recap!

As most gamers know, this month has been a glut of games. More releases over the past 4 weeks than we've had all year. Game publishers trying to grab your cash, and in my case... succeeding. So, while it's put a dent in my wallet, it's also put a dent into my free time, A.K.A. blogging time. So, without further ado, the cheevoz of Gears of War 2.

Gears Of War 2

Pound of Flesh-Used 10 meatshields to survive-10G

Kick 'Em When They're Down-Executioner with style-10G

Crowd Control-Got up close and personal with the Boomshield-10G

Said the Spider to the Fly-Effectively used grenade mines-10G

Photojournalist-Submitted a spectator photo-10G

Hoard the Horde-Team survived all 50 Horde waves-30G

Pack Rat-Recovered 20 of 41 collectibles-15G

Takes a Licking-Bashed 30 Tickers-30G

Back to Basic-Won all Training Grounds matches-10G

Organ Grinder-Killed 30 enemies with your Mulcher turret-10G

Dirty, Dirty Horde-Team survived 10 Horde waves-20G

Smells Like Victory-Torched 30 enemies-10G

Does This Look Infected to You?-Defeated the Lambent Brumak-10G

Tourist of Duty-Completed all campaign acts on Casual Difficulty-25G

Guerilla Tactician-Completed all campaign acts on Normal Difficulty-50G

Artist of War-Completed all campaign acts on Hardcore Difficulty-75G

Brumak Rodeo-Captured a Brumak-10G

Variety Is the Spice of Death-Killed an enemy with every weapon-30G

You Are the Support, Son-Successfully defended COG headquarters-10G

And the Horsey You Rode in On-Defeated Skorge and his Hydra-10G

Open Relationship-Completed 10 chapters in Co-op on any difficulty-30G

Have Fun Storming the Castle-Found the Locust queen-10G

Better Wrapped in Beacon-Activated Jack as homing beacon in Nexus-10G

There's a Time for Us-Found Maria-10G

Water Sports-Defeated the Leviathan-10G

Tanks for the Memories-Arrived safely at Mount Kadar Stranded camp-10G

One-Night Stand-Completed 1 chapter in Co-op on any difficulty-10G

Longitude and Attitude-Discovered the location of the Locust queen-10G

Heartbroken-Performed a chainsaw multiple bypass-10G

Shock and Awe-Killed 30 enemies raining down death from the sky-10G

Freebaird!-Freed Baird from capture-10G

That Sinking Feeling-Watched Ilima sink-10G

Girl About Town-Seen the sights with Betty-10G

Collector-Recovered 5 of 41 collectibles-5G

Escort Service-Escorted Betty to Landown-10G

Once More, With Feeling-Mastered the ways of the Active Reload-10G

It's a Trap!-Successfully defended the hospital-10G

Green as Grass-Showed Carmine the ropes-10G

I want to begin by saying that this game is the bomb. It's not only the bomb, it's the bombizzle. The shizznat. The dookie chute... right? Anyway, it's great and I'm way into it. Horde Mode, ftw.

So it's all pretty straight forward, however Gears 2 has this cool little feature that shows you your progress towards specific cheevoz. For instance, when you hit 4,000 kills, it will let you know that you are 4,000/100,000 kills for the Seriously 2.0 cheevo. Good times.

Variety Is The Spice Of Death requires that you get a kill with every weapon in the game. There are 15 different weapons, click here for a list.

Kick 'Em While They're Down is similar to VITSOD, but you must perform every different execution with a weapon. This will require your enemy to be downed (on his hands and knees). The best way to get an enemy to drop down, is to use your lancer rifle to shoot their knees. They will fall, and you can use your weapon to perform a special execution. Click here for a list of all executions.

Dirty, Dirty Horde and Hoard The Horde are pretty difficult, but it's attainable with help. Get into a co-op game (the more people the better) and play up to wave 50 on one map! Turn the difficulty to casual(still fucking hard) and it should be a challenge, but doable.

Everything else is pretty self explanitory, now get out there and chainsaw some bitches.

So that's as far as it goes for Gears of War 2. I'm still pounding away at the cheevz, and I'll be working on a new post that will encompass all my cheevy goodness of the last two weeks! Be on the lookout for the normal weekly post!

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