Friday, September 5, 2008

This Week In Ch33v0z, The One Week Late Edition

So it's been a busy week, please forgive the late ch33v recap! It's been a good week in the cheevo department. I've got one new game, Mercenaries 2! You'll be happy to know that the cheevz are EXPLODING from that game!

Mercenaries 2: World In Flames

Eat the Heat-You performed a burnout-10G

Hello, Hooray-You acquired the PMC-50G

Ride the Dragon-You hijacked the tank in the villa-10G

Shoot to Thrill-You got 25 headshots-20G

The Rage-You completed "Rescue Carmona-20G

School's Out-You completed the tutorial-20G

This is the new game, that my lovely, beatiful and ever so wonderful girlfriend bought for me! I'm completely new to the Mercenaries world, so this was new for me. My initial take on the game is that it's like GTA, but with more explosions, co-op, and graphical glitches. It's a really fun sandbox game, with tons of missions and explosions! Co-op is the shining star of this game, and I LOVE it!

This game hands out the sweet cheevos pretty readily, expect to get hooked up early and often. So far, only one required me to do something that I wouldn't normally. Eat The Heat, just press A and RT(right trigger) at the same time until the cheevo unlocks(about 10 seconds).

Castle Crashers

Traditional-Complete the game using any character-20G

Treasure Hunter-Find and dig up ten buried items-20G

Maximum Firepower-Using a catapult, fling a knight with maximum power-10G

Deer Trainer-Navigate the Abandoned Mill without hitting any obstacles-20G

W00t! I finally beat Castle Crashers! It's a pretty tough game, but totally addictive and tons of fun. Hopefully I'll get an opportunity to play a co-op game, and scoop up some of those cheevoz.

Treasure Hunter can't be obtained until the desert level, where you'll be given a shovel to dig up treasure!

Maximum Firepower can also only be achieved in one place. There is a castle about mid way through the game, in which you and your buddies will catapult yourself onto a castle a wall. Just wait for the gauge to hit the top, and press A... cheevo unlocked.

Battlefield: Bad Company

General of the Army-Reached Rank 25-35G

Get the dog!-Collected 50 unique dog tags-20G

I love this game. Plain and simple, it's so much fun with friends. These two cheevoz are a result of play a TON of this game. Teh w00t.

Too Human

Legend of the Aesir-Achieved Legend status (Level 40)-30G

I'm Rich...-Collected 1,000,000 in bounty-10G

Oh sweet loot, how I love the. This is the classic story of a level grind. Just get that level up, keep raking in the loot and you'll score these two cheevoz in no time!

Frontlines: Fuel Of War

Living Quarter - Ironman-Complete the sixth mission in a single session without dying-20G

The Mountain King - Stopwatch-Complete the fifth mission in under 30 minutes-25G

The Mountain King - Ironman-Complete the fifth mission in a single session without dying-20G

Graveyard - Ironman-Complete the fourth mission in a single session without dying-20G

Graveyard - Stopwatch-Complete the fourth mission in under 50 minutes-25G

Anvil - Ironman-Complete the third mission in a single session without dying-20G

Captains of Industry - Ironman-Complete the second mission in a single session without dying-20G

Captains of Industry - Stopwatch-Complete the second mission in under 25 minutes-25G

Darkness Falls - Stopwatch-Complete the first mission in under 15 minutes-25G

Darkness Falls - Ironman-Complete the first mission in a single session without dying-20G

Ok, so back to Frontlines. I'm getting tired of this game, and I've got SO many on the way, but I couldn't just leave it with so many unharvested cheevoz. The great thing about these, is that can be done on the same play through, just make sure to keep your diffifculty on EASY.

My last few weeks at work have been hectic, due to some unforeseen problems. The cheev recap will be back, and less abbreviated next time! Keep your eyes out for some new games from Gamefly, and get ready for the glut of "holiday season games"! Cheevoz galore!

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