Tuesday, September 23, 2008

This Week In Ch33v0z, The Mercenaries: Bad Company Edition

Oh the sweet cheevos! I've been slowly plugging away at the cheev-mines, even though my 57" DLP has been down all week, the cheevin' is just as good on a 20" CRT!... just kidding, it's not as good( :( <----- me). Anyway, enough of the pity-party... It's cheevo time!

Mercenaries 2: World In Flames

Be Quick or Be Dead-You sniped 50 enemy vehicle drivers-10G

Wheels of Steel-You came in first during a co-op race-50G

...And Justice For All-You verified all high value targets-50G

No More Mr. Nice Guy-You pissed off everyone in Venezuela-10G

I can't put this game down. I love, love, love it. It's the bizzle and the shizzle and it's eating up the majority of my game time. I finally beat the game, but that doesn't mean I'm going to stop playing it. There is nothing like calling in an air-strike or hassling local factions, add in the co-op and you've got a winner!

...And Justice For All requires that you "verify" all the HVTs(High Value Targets), verify means capture or kill. Quick tip, there is a secret cheevo for capturing ALL the targets, if you are careful you can rack up another 50 points.
Be Quick Or Be Dead is annoying and time consuming, about 45 minutes or so. This should be done as soon as possible, or when everyone is pissed at you (see next cheevo) so that you can increase the amount of enemies around. Get yourself a Chinese sniper kit, and pop the driver of any hostile vehicle.
No More Mr. Nice Guy is super easy, and kind of fun. Just shoot a couple of friendlies until you get a nice "hostile" rating. Then move to the next faction. Try to do this early, when there are still side missions you can do for factions you've pissed off... that way you can get back into their good graces without forking over millions in bribes.

Battlefield: Bad Company

He might come in handy-Completed 'Par for the Course' on normal-15G

You and what army?-Completed 'Crossing Over' on normal-15G

Not even a nugget!-Completed 'Acta Non Verba' on normal-15G

Check My Grill-Found half of the gold bars-20G

I still can't stop playing this game. Addictive multiplayer is all that need be said when talking about it... I took a slow weekend to get some of the single player story cheevos that I was missing from this game. Quick note about this game, there are separate cheevos for playing this game on different difficulties (hard or normal), but they aren't "stackable".... that means you'll have to play it twice to get all of them.

Check My Grill is the only one that will require some help, check out this comprehensive guide for some tips on how to round up all the gold in this game, and get some sweet cheevoz too.

So that's it! It's been a slow week for cheevoz. I've actually got two new games from gamefly, and I just don't want to play them. So, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars and Alone In The Dark may be on the docket for next week... until then, cheev-on faithful ch33v0 soldiers.

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