Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ultra Ch33v0 Grab! Dash Of Destruction!

Dash Of Destruction is the ultimate cheev grab. It's free, all the cheevos can be unlocked in about 20 minutes, and it's kind of fun! You can't beat that, you just can't!

It's my duty, to all of you cheev-hounds, to pass the word on about this awesome little cheevo bump. I should also mention that this game is free thanks to the fine folks at Doritos, where all evil tortilla chips go after they die.

Dash Of Destruction

Extinction Event-Won a local multiplayer game-10G

Tricked Out-Tricked out your ride with fuzzy dice!-10G

Speed of Light-Obtained Mike's Nitrous Kit for Speed Junkies-20G

Employee of the Month-Made 40 deliveries-15G

Supercharged-Obtained Mike's Street-Pro Supercharger-25G

Speed of Sound-Obtained Mike's Nitrous Kit for Beginners-20G

A New Hope-Finally replaced those tiny, ineffectual arms-20G

Tough as Nails-Obtained Borland Bionics T-Rex All-Weather Body Armor-15G

Hungry Hungry Dino-Ate 40 trucks-15G

Adrenaline Boost-Obtained Borland Bionics Professional Grade Leg Enhancement-15G

Mike's Protégé-Beat any level in a single player campaign-25G

DestructoMatic Rex-Destroyed all buildings in a single campaign map-10G

It couldn't be much easier to get all 200 cheevo points... well, it could be easier if they didn't require you to play to get the cheevos... I digress. Just play the game, and that's it... booyah.

DestructoMatic Rex should be done in the first level. Run around the map, knock over all the buildings.

Extinction Event requires an explanation. This game does NOT have online multiplayer, therefore you must get this cheevo in LOCAL multiplayer. Use a second controller (guitar controller will work too) and sign in one of your other accounts. Set the goal number low, and you'll have this cheevo in no time.

Thanks Doritos, your tasty chips are almost as good as these sweet ch33v0z! Click HERE to add this game to your download queue!

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Fyodor007 said...

Just an FYI on Fable 2 cheevos for your readers. The Co-Op attacking one, is good if you're playing with a friend... but the one where you perform a "perfect expression" can be accomplished with a second controller... makes it super simple. Doll-catcher was my last one, and for that I went up to West Cliff, and earned a few Garth dolls... and then turned on ALL Orbs, and started asking people to trade with me... I got them all in about 15 minutes. Good times.